Sunday, December 30, 2012

Will this be it for 2012?

Depends on if I have anything meaningful to say/write tomorrow. 

Now on to other things.  We did have a white Christmas, courtesy of a winter storm that dropped a few inches of the snowy stuff on our burg just a little less than a week before opening the presents.  And then Mother Nature decided to give us her own little gift on the Big Day in the form of another dusting.  Just enough to cover up the slushy-then-frozen-again glop that was prominant in the streets.  Since last week the temps have hovered somewhere between 0 and 20 so not much of this wintry mix has melted off.  Makes driving interesting in some areas.  Fortunately I have two vehicles that are equipped with four-wheel-drive so the slippy slide isn't much of a problem. 

Yes, 'tis the last day of the regular NFL season.  Yawn.  I'm already wondering which coaches will be pink-slipped tomorrow.  ESPN is already reporting Andy Reid will be shown the door.  I'm supposing Norv Turner will be added to the list as well (if he isn't than that is definitive proof he has incriminating photos of someone or someones up in the high levels of the Chargers organization).  Rex Ryan probably will not go which is a major mystery to me.  And, since Al Davis has gone to that great owner's box in the sky I presume the Raiders' coach (whoever that is) is safe for now.  Jason Garrett?  Maybe. 

And on the subject of football I am looking very much forward to the Cotton Bowl.  Like I told someone a few days ago, it's not the Red River Rivalry but the fact remains Texans and Oklahomans simply do not like each other much. 

And sorry, my purple K-State friends.  I just don't think Collin Klein and company will be able to keep up with the pace of Oregon.  The rest of the bowls?  Naaagh, who cares? 

However I did get quite a laugh over seeing yesterday's New Era Pinstripe We Had To Come Up With Some Creative Name Because Seriously Who Would Have Ever Thought Teams Would Want To Play Here In December Bowl, which featured wonderful Big Apple wintery weather replete with snow showers.  Just wait long enough and you might see the same thing for bowls in Boise, Albuquerque, Washington D.C., and even Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Hell, I'm still waiting for a group of civic leaders to announce the creation of the (insert corporate sponsor name here) Mile High Bowl to be played every December in Denver.  It could happen. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Day After

Yet one more Christmas is in the books.  I'm not breathing a sigh of relief, nor am I feeling great sadness.  Given everything else happening in our lives it seemed this year that Xmas was merely a small diversion from our busy existence. 

Are we all happy with the gifts?  Of course.  And while Geoana is not Ralphie Parker, she did get a BB gun for Christmas.  Not a Red Ryder carbine, but an Avanti model 499, the kind they use in competition. 

Yes, her own gun.  She's already got designs (no pun intended) on how to customize it as only she can.  Possibly involving the use of pink camo tape on the stock. 


In thinking about my past two road trips I decided for 2013 I am in need of a FUN jaunt.  I don't know yet about the destination but given my prior two ventures (Kansas City at the beginning of November, and Texas in early December) I decided I am sorely desiring a time to just enjoy hitting the pavement for the sake of the travel.  While neither journey was unpleasant in itself, my back pain prevented me from fully enjoying the KC experience (even though I hit Arthur Bryant's for BBQ) and the length, the post surgery issues, and me being the solo driver for three states and almost 900 miles one-way took away from a Texas venture I normally cherish. 

Shared these thoughts with Geogal earlier today.  I also challenged her to come up with a fun destination.  I imagine we will compare notes sometime before she completes her school program. 


Speaking of the Texas drive, a thought occurred to me somewhere on the road where fatigue was beginning to take its toll.   Should I follow through on a childhood dream and learn to fly a single-engine plane?  With the end result of getting a pilot's license? 

There.  It's public now.  Now I will have to, if just to save face.  Once Geogal completes her schooling we should have the funds to make such a goal possible. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From the Geohouse to your house (or whatever dwelling you reside). 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Forget trying to be cool in front of the family

Last weekend, during the family visit to the homeland (a.k.a. Texas) I briefly brought up the latest cool iPhone app I found. Spy Mixology. Grabbed my phone and was going to give them a demonstration. And the app doesn't work. Doesn't do anything. Just stays on the opening screen. A visit to the App Store suggests the reason: it's been updated and has a new name (The Covert Cocktail). Updating it, plus the other apps that boasted of newer versions, brought back the list of drinks that appear in the James Bond movies, the recipes for each, and the required liquor cabinet for any die-hard 007 fan wishing to imbibe just like ol' Jimmy. Unfortunately the update process came about a bit too late for my family visit. So much for impressing them with my electronic advances. There's always next time.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

RIP another one

Some time back I shared my thoughts on the passing of songwriter Hal David. Then on Wednesday Geogal texted me asking if I heard Dave Brubeck had died. (For the casual reader, I listen to a fair amount of jazz in my spare time.) Since Geoana doesn't listen to the genuine American form of music I decided to have her listen to a segment of "Blue Rondo A La Turk." She liked it. Now we are on a road trip. I brought along my boxed CD set, "Time Signatures." Yesterday along our journey the little one got to hear the entire tune, she REALLY likes it. Of course, that piece was just one of many I listened to while cruising down the interstate in The Lone Star State. Seemed like a fitting tribute. I first heard Brubeck's name in elementary school music class. The music teacher played a piece of his for all of us, then we broke out into groups to come up with some type of routine to be set to the tune, called "The Unsquare Dance." It's a two-minute-long song but as with most things Brubeck, it's anything but simple. The teacher used this to, among other things, teach us what a "coda" is. My classmates and I came up with a few routines to do to this piece, but obviously nothing matching the skill and technique of these two professional dancers:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Twas the Sunday after Thanksgiving

And the house again smelled of roast turkey.

I wasn't cooking up another bird.  I was, however, making turkey stock from the bone remains of our feast of a few days ago.  Pressure cooker makes it easy.


I normally am not one who posts YouTube videos on his blog.  I think that smacks of laziness.  However this evening I tried making my case to Geoana that the theme from "Hawaii 5-0" is one of the best TV tunes of all time.  Took her to the iMac and brought up the YouTube of said opening.

And then I found this:

Which then led us to view this:

And finally, this:

I was laughing so hard by this time I was snorting.  Child wanted to know if I was OK.   Just fine, no asphyxiation here, just appreciation of 80's TV with some Star Trek mixed in. 

Friday, November 23, 2012


Speaking of the fowl normally consumed on Thanksgiving, I noticed Syfy started their James Bond marathon yesterday with a true turkey--Octopussy.

Should I say the Texas Longhorns also acted like gobblers out on the gridiron last night?  Nah, I'll take the high road.

Geogal returned to her dorm today (fewer distractions so she can get her research paper done).  She left orders with the child that I am to be closely monitored so as to decrease the inflammation around the part of my back where the doctor did his work.

I'll never take normal functioning for granted again.

But anyhow, today will be more of watching college students break each other's bodies (football) and reading.  And watching DVDs and/or Netflix streaming.

Pray that I get better soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm Still Around

Reason for my absence?  Medical.

I've already blogged here about my back issues but unfortunately the problem didn't respond to either the physical therapy or the spinal epidurals.  So on Nov. 12 I underwent surgery.  I've been home bound ever since given I don't see the doc again until next Wednesday.  And yes, I am a bit restless.

So anyhow, my pre-surgery pain and post-op restrictions mean sitting at the computer keyboard is out of the question.  Today I decided to invoke parental privilege and use Geoana's iPad.  I'm in the Laz-E-Boy recliner tap-tapping out this piece on the virtual keyboard.

Rather than compose a piece that is very lengthy I decided instead to just put out short entries that will update you, dear reader, on the latest goings-on around here.

But for today's entry, how can I not refer to tonight's college game?  Texas versus......TCU?

Yeah, kind of the sentiments of my family.  Regardless what the sports writers and announcers on ESPN postulate, Texas versus Texas Tech is NOT a new rivalry game.

Shoot, I don't even know who Texas A&M is playing this weekend.

Other parts of the country are suffering the same issues due to conference changes.  Colorado versus Utah (instead of Nebraska); the aforementioned Huskers playing Iowa instead of CU; no West Virginia against Pitt.  Lots of folks will just have to "deal with it.".

But members of my clan will be at Austin for tonight's game.

Have fun.

Monday, October 08, 2012

First Frost

Got the first frost of the season a couple of nights ago. 

But one night before that, Geoana and I went to the homecoming game.  The usual: I want to see football that's fun to watch and moves quickly with no TV time-outs and she wants to hang with her friends. 

But this past Friday night followed the arrival of a cold front and I sat in the stands for three hours in temperatures that were not unusual for the inside of a refrigerator.  Even Geoana came to me just before the end of the game and complained she was cold as a popsicle. 

Did I mention it also was my birthday?  Hurridly opened my gift before we headed out to the game.  An Apple TV.  In just a few minutes I had it connected and running a beautiful picture to my bedroom television. 

And while I am becoming Frostilicus at the stadium Geogal texts me:  "Watching Netflix on Apple TV very very cool." 

My body is in permanent shiver and wifey is at home enjoying my birthday present.  Just seems like there's something wrong with all of that. 

By the way the home team won.  In overtime. 

Next time I need to bundle up even better and not try to be macho man. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Stand Corrected

The other day I wrote about the latest electronic gadgets.  In my usual snarky way I inferred Barnes and Noble responded with a "whimper" when being faced with Amazon's new Kindle offerings. 

Then yesterday I learn B&N rolled out new models of Nooks.  Turns out they were not asleep at the switch after all. 

Looking at the specs it seems the latest Nooks are definitely comparable to Amazon's products.  However they still won't dislodge the iPad from the numero uno position.  But if I was in the market I would give the Nook HD or HD+ a shot.  Being ad-free (as the Nook products are) would seal the deal for me. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

That sound you heard

...was NOT the earth stopping its rotation. 

Or hell freezing over. 

Yesterday I decided to sit down and do a math story problem just for fun.   You heard that right. 

(For the non-family member readers of this blog, please know I've been locked in mortal combat with arithmetic since elementary school.   A scholar of algebra, I ain't.) 

But at Geoana's orientation a few weeks ago the teacher had a problem on the board that intrigued me.  This weekend the child brought it home as a handout labeled "R-U-Up 4 The Challenge?" 

"Farmer Jensen has some geese and some goats.  Between them they have 86 legs and 60 eyes.  How many geese and how many goats does Farmer Jensen have?" 

Took me only a few minutes and some pencilwork to figure it out.  Mainly utilizing some Mr. Spock logic.  (Actually, the real Mr. Spock would have quickly figured out an algebraic equation for the solution.) 

However Geoana said she cannot get any outside help for this question and took a stab at figuring it out herself.  I figure we can compare answers tomorrow evening. 

And shoot, it wasn't that hard of a problem.  Nothing at all like this:

The Simpsons _ Aptitude Test Cheater by hulu

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend report

All's quiet here.  I am doing nothing of excitement this weekend, which is likely a harbinger of the next many weekends to come.  No major projects in the works but a whole lot of responsibilities stemming from my recent promotion at work and simultaneously heading up the local BB Gun team. 

And for today it amounts to laundry, some light cleaning, and scraping the outdoor window frames before I give them a touch-up coat of white paint.

No hunting in the near future.  I haven't yet read the state's forecast but I wouldn't be surprised if the pheasant population is down this year given the drought and high temps.   Hmmm, maybe Geoana and I can just get out to the gun range and blast away some clays. 

Upgraded the iMac to Mountain Lion.  Like it, but some of the features will not see any use from me.  Such as the share button in the Safari browser that can immediately link what I am currently viewing into a Twitter or Facebook post.  I don't have accounts on either of these services and never will.  That's a subject for a whole different blog entry.  However I am enjoying some of the other tools built into the OS, such as Dictation (did just about a whole blog post a few entries back via the Mac's built-in microphone with only light editing needed from the keyboard).  I also find iMessage useful, I can text with Geogal right from the Mac.  The notifications panel is much improved and overall the entire interface is very smooth.

Next order of business is to upgrade my iPhone and Geoana's iPad to iOS 6.  Geogal already has done so with her iPhone and immediately noticed not only is the native YouTube application gone, but she couldn't install the one offered by Google currently (her system said "you already have this app," or something to that effect).  Probably just a bug the nerds in Cupertino can fix before too long.

Now that fall's here the tech news is heating up.  Not only did iPhone 5 just hit the market but Microsoft is planning an event for late October, likely to roll out Windows 8.  Is this also when the Surface will be released?  Or even give a release date?  With pricing?  With demo units that won't freeze up while onstage?

You already know about Amazon's new line of Kindles.  (With the tech press so eager to declare something, anything, "the iPad killer!")  I'd say Walt Mossberg at All Things D is more accurate when he deemed it topnotch for watching or reading Amazon's content, but not great as an overall tablet.

My guess about reactions to the new Kindles?  Apple:  "You don't even know what we have up our sleeve!"  Google:  "We have deep pockets."   Barnes and Noble:  "whimper"

And if Apple will indeed roll out a product that will fall between the iPod touch and iPad, (the iPad mini, perhaps?  Or iPad nano?)  you can bet it will not be long before said creation hits the market, what with the holiday season approaching and all.

Interesting times. 

Monday, September 03, 2012

R.I.P. Hal David

Going through several of my regular sites yesterday I learned of the passing of Hal David.  Not unexpected, given he was not well enough to accept the Gershwin Prize along with Burt Bacharach in May of this year.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to confess I've been a closet Bacharach/David fan for a lot of years.  I liked their songs before Mike Myers (in the guise of Austin Powers) and "My Best Friend's Wedding" made the songwriting duo retro-hip.  I distinctly remember mom and dad's record collection containing some of Burt and Hal's hits.

Whether it was a Top-40 song such as Naked Eyes "There's Always Something There To Remind Me" or a mega-country hit "To All The Girls I've Loved Before," I had the surprise, years later, of learning David created the lyrics.

And, one of my last days in high school I took my rather large final wood shop project home in the family Suburban.  As I took it out of the back of the truck I had the radio going (naturally) and KRST played a song I had never heard before, a country oldie.  "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence" by Gene Pitney.  Years later I learned it was written by you-know-who.

And now in my DVD wish list is "Lost Horizon."  Not the 1937 flick with Jane Wyman but the 1973 musical from Columbia Pictures.  I want to see it if only to watch what amounted to the last nail in the coffin for the Bacharach/David duo.  The fact that the movie was a total bust sure couldn't be blamed on the tunesmiths.  And some of the user reviews on indicate that the picture really isn't all that bad. (Maybe it was just a victim of bad timing.)

Farewell, Mr. David.  Rest assured I have an iPod full of your compositions that will keep my mood upbeat all day.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The National Pastime can really hurt sometimes

The other day news hit that the Houston Astros fired their manager.  Not a big surprise given their season but also this is another reminder of the long-standing pain associated with being a fan of that franchise.

Well the pain ever end?  Yes I remember World Series not that long ago where the Astros were the participants from the National League but lost four straight games to the Chicago White Sox and I do recall 1980 where the Astros made it to the playoffs only to be dispatched by the Phillies.  

But this very same season the hot team in the National League is the Washington Nationals.  The freakin’ Washington Nationals.  This is a team that was moribund not that many years ago.  Anybody remember the MontrĂ©al Expos?  When major league baseball was talking about contraction what was the team at the top of their list?  

Yes, the franchise that (at this writing) has the best W-L record in baseball.  

Why can’t this type of thing ever happen to my beloved Astros?  So sorry to see they’re flirting with a 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks-type season.  


With a little less interest I also noticed that the bicycling authority (or whatever the USADA is) decided to finally revoke Lance Armstrong’s victories.  Vacating wins seems to be the in-thing for sports authorities these days whether it’s bicycling (Armstrong) or college pigskin (Penn State). Sticking with the baseball theme of today’s blog piece let me ask: When is major-league baseball finally going to do the right thing and return the career home run record to Hank Aaron as well as restore the single-season home run record to Roger Maris?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

In The Words Of That Great Yankee Sage...

...Yogi Berra, "It's like deja vu all over again."  

August 1979, the original family of Geoguy piles into a Chevy Suburban and transports the elder Geosister to her dorm at The University of Texas. 

August 1986, Geoguy and Geodad travel 240 miles south on Interstate 25 in the aforementioned Suburban containing many of the former's belongings.  Destination:  dorm room at New Mexico State University. 

Today, all three members of the current Geofamily travel to Colby, Kansas to help move Geogal's Items Essential For College Living to her dorm room.  Included in the two-vehicle caravan is a Chevy Suburban (but not the same one as in the prior mentions). 

That's right.  For the next year I will be doing the "single-father" thing while Geogal pursues her dream.  I take comfort in the fact she's less than a 90-minute drive away and experience has taught us we can endure just about anything for a year when there's a larger goal in place.  After discussing many different living arrangements we finally agreed the dorm was the best route.  Don't have to worry about utility payments, can walk to class even if a snowstorm hits the area, and is either the same cost or less expensive then living in one of the several (crappy) apartments in the area. 

Hey, we're not so glum.  We will still see her on the weekends.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The cooler days of August

I'm obviously not in Arizona in writing a title like that. 

Yes, the heat did break somewhat.  No longer are we sweltering under triple-digit temps.  Even if the daytime highs are still in the 90-plus degree range it's sure better than it was just a few weeks ago.  My garden is starting to produce more tomatoes and squash, the chile peppers are growing, and I'm thankful I kept watering everything even when all looked hopeless. 

It's also nice to wake up to temps that are in the 60's or even high 50's.  A crispness to the morning is but a reminder that the summer oven is just about on its way out. 

And I now have NFL preseason games to watch.  Sure, the games don't count and won't have any bearing on the real season but seeing the guys in full pads going against each other is another reminder fall is just around the corner, to use a tired cliche. 


Will I be upgrading the iMac to Mountain Lion?  Yes.  Just not for another few weeks.  I'm certainly ready to begin using some the newer features of the OS but don't see the hurry in doing the download.  Probably better to wait until Apple rolls out the 10.8.1 version as I've read some posts about mouse-related issues. 

For my venerable MacBook, however, it's a different story.  I have written before in this blog that it is on it's last OS (Snow Leopard) due to having an older processor that cannot run either Lion or Mountain Lion.  Still, not bad for a laptop I've had for six years come next month. 

And now I can wait and salivate over the prospect of getting a MacBook Air sometime in the near future. 


For Geoana, school starts this Friday.  Where did the summer go? 

Wait, scratch that.  I can tell you exactly where it went.  The end of May and just about all of June was focusing on the Daisy BB Gun tourney in Arkansas (not just practice, practice, practice, but fundraising as well).  And when we returned from the competition the gals unpacked their bags, threw the clothes into the washer, then turned right around and packed again for church camp.  After camp?  Geoana putting in a lot of time at the sewing machine as she entered a few items into consideration for the county fair.  She also baked and created a couple of art projects to boot.  Not until fair was in the books did she spend more of her time at the swimming pool with her friends.  And now here we are. 


Despite what you may think, I do have other interests that don't include electronic gadgets or the outdoors.  I continue to read, largely for my own entertainment.  I write a while back that I was reading something called Borderline by Nevada Barr (an author who was unfamiliar to me at the beginning of the summer).  It's a worthwhile read even if her prose doesn't quite match up to that of C.J. Box.  Borderline took place entirely in, or just adjacent to, Big Bend National Park.  Turns out that novel was just one in a series where the central character is a park ranger named Anna Pigeon.  Similar to how Box's Joe Pickett continues to find himself in scraps involving political issues in the new Wild West of Wyoming, Pigeon seems to be a magnet for murder.  I decided to get in a little earlier on the Pigeon series so now I'm reading the second book (A Superior Death).  Why the second book and not the first?  The library here doesn't have the first one. 

Just a few days ago I finished reading Box's Cold Wind, published last year.  Right now there's only one Joe Pickett novel of his that I have not yet read, Force of Nature.  I could read it but with Box I like to stretch out time between the reads and savor them when I have the book in my possession.  Besides, once I read Force of Nature I will then have to wait until the next Pickett book comes out. 


Geogal bought me a new propane grill just recently.  I disassembled the tried-and-true Char-Broil that I owned since 2007.  I simply could not get it to work right after the episode where our own Cold Wind knocked it over last year.  Replacing all of the burners, the gas fitting, and all the other doo-dads would have cost more in parts than me just buying a new one. 

So a new one it is.  It's another Char-Broil (that brand and Weber would be the only two I will buy if I'm considering a gas grill).  It's smaller than the previous one, and since there's only three of us in the household grid size is not really a problem.  I've already used it a few times and really enjoy (again) the convenience of firing up a propane beauty versus lighting charcoal. 

The fact that Geogal bought this at our local department store didn't hurt, either.  They are in the process of being bought out by another chain, so the existing merchandise must go, at 30% off.  I think I spent more in charcoal last year than what Geogal paid for this new grill. 


And there you have it.  Several vignettes which I might have posted in separate entries had I not been so fatigued at the end of my recent days. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

My own thought (and then someone else's)

On the penalties handed down to Penn State football today, I have no objection to most of them.  One always can hope the punishment can achieve its expected outcome:  to convince institutions that the administration should always be more powerful than a sports program (or an iconic coach).

But erasing the victories from 1998 to the end of last season?  I think one of the ESPN commentators got it right--the NCAA doesn't want Joe Paterno's name appearing in the record books.

However I think Paul Mirengoff at Powerline makes an excellent point.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"I once was lost, but now am found."

No, no great old hymns of the church here.  (Although I do like a whole lot of them, but that's a subject for another day.  Probably should be a Sunday.)

Shortly before we departed for Arkansas Geogal asked if I had seen her USB device in which you can insert your camera's SD card, then just attach the drive to a USB port and transfer pictures to your heart's content.  I hadn't seen it, and we didn't find it before leaving on the trip.

However while Geogal and Geoana were at camp the week following our return I was straightening up the master bedroom and found said drive on our dresser.  Shared the happy news upon their return and  now I hope she has that thing in a safe place.  I then joked that I was on a bit of a roll and that now the only thing left to find is her iPod shuffle.  It's one of the second generation models in that it is quite small (even for Shuffles) and is meant to be clipped to an item of clothing while the listener engages in whatever type of activity.  I can't recall when we last saw it, but it's been unaccounted for for at least a year (maybe even two).

So I made the joke and then forgot about it.

Two days ago Geogal lets out a shriek, then a "woo-hoo!"  Sure enough, she found her Shuffle.  It was at the bottom of one of her bags, still attached to a set of headphones that she hasn't used in quite a while.  It's now back at home on its docking station.


Took a look at the Big 12 football schedule this morning (just for funzies, you know).

Who knows who will win the conference?  Especially since the two perennial powerhouses (Texas and Oklahoma) haven't been up to snuff recently.  I'm not bothering to follow pundits or sports websites regarding their predictions so I'm just flying blind at this time.  Here's the games to which I am looking forward:

Kansas State versus Miami on Sept. 8

Iowa State at Oklahoma State on Oct. 20.  (Will the Cowboys will be thinking payback?)

UT goes to Lawrence to play KU on Oct. 27.  For some reason the Longhorns often leave the Sunflower State with a "L."

November 17--The Sooners will be in Morgantown to take on West Virginia.

Then on December 1 the Longhorns again travel to The Land of Dorothy to battle K-State.  Will Bill Snyder's team be more focused on their ranking and a possible high-up bowl invite instead of concentrating on football field?  Or will both teams just be playing for respect and a lower-tier bowl berth?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who knows, it might be a good product?

I'm not out to slam Google or Asus or anyone else who had a hand in this device. 

But this is just too danged funny to keep to myself. 

HT:  Curious Rat

Sunday, July 15, 2012

About that weather...

Don't know if any of you noticed, but June was one very hot month here.  Hot and dry.  This is our fourth summer here and while in past years there have been just a handful of days where the mercury inched over 100 degrees it's been a different story in 2012.  Just about felt like we were living back in Chandler. 

Sometimes the heat is tolerable with the occasional t-storm but even those have been a rarity the past few weeks.  While the lack of thunderboomers cuts down on the danger of tornadoes, one wonders if the drought is worth it.  Given the heavy agricultural bent to this area and the resulting early wheat harvest due to the heat and lack of rain it is near impossible to talk to folks and not have the topic revert to the weather.  Our garden has yielded only one crookneck squash and three (count 'em, three) tomatoes.  I've given up on the yard, deciding it wasn't worth the effort and high city water bill to keep the grass looking just passable. 

Funny how during the winter we keep pining away for warmer weather.  But I'll bet nearly everyone around here is eagerly awaiting the days when the daytime temps top out in the 60's and the nighttime reading hovers just above the freezing mark.  (Note to self, read this entry again in late January, early February 2013.) 

In the winter we have wind chill.  In the summer we have heat index.  Either way, it's rough. 

For now we will keep cool by watching our Sunday evening guilty pleasure:  Ice Road Truckers. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Since Sunday afternoon the gals have been at church camp.  I, however, have been here holding down the fort.  You might think I'd be either bored out of my skull or pining away for my loved ones. 


They'll be back tomorrow and I will be glad to see them.  But between work and having a quite large "honey do" list this week has flown by.  It wasn't uncommon for me to glance at the clock and murmur to myself, "9:30 already?"

The journey to Arkansas and back was uneventful.  Great road trip, and we didn't kill each other or vow to disband and join other families at the end.  Nothing was lost, save for a pair of $2.50 sunglasses Geoana left in the Wal-Mart restroom (at least the third time she's done that, always at a Wally World for some reason).  Not even as much as a flat tire to impede our voyage. 

And the Cosmosphere was worth the stopover.  We only went through the Hall of Space museum and after three hours the gals were ready to head out.  Not me.  I could have spent about two more hours there, easy. 

And I spent quite a few minutes just looking at one item.  Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 capsule, which spent 38 years at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Some years back I enjoyed watching the Discovery Channel documentary on how the explorer team found it and brought it back up.  I wish they had it on DVD.

(Free free to click on the pic to enjoy the full size)

Oh, and seeing the actual command module from the Apollo 13 mission wasn't bad, either. 

We got home on Thursday and on Friday Geoana and I watched "The Right Stuff."  On Saturday we enjoyed "Apollo 13." 

I think she's much more up to speed on the history of the U.S. space program than her classmates. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Yes, pictures!

I'm back!

The delay in posting was not due to fatigue, the lateness of Daisy in getting the scores out (due to a computer crash on their part), or laziness on my part.

No, it turns out the hotel that hosted the event (connected to the convention center) does not offer free wi-fi.  Now I'm not being a total cheapskate, rather it's just the principle of the thing.  Most hotels where I stay just offer complimentary wireless access as a matter of course.  But not this one.  And no,  I will not name names.  (They know who they are.)  

On to the important matters!

Feel free to enjoy some of my pics.  By the way, our team finished seventh overall when all the numbers were tallied.  Seventh out of 53 teams shooting.  That ain't bad.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

First pic

Taken at the Daisy Museum in Rogers.  One has to wonder, with the way it's displayed, if someone might just knock it over. 

"What happened next was a source of controversy in our household for years to come." 

We're here! (In a new state)

Not a state of confusion.  Or anger.  That's good news.

However we are in Arkansas.  Rogers, to be exact.  Here for the Daisy BB Gun National Tournament.

But that doesn't start until Sunday evening.  In the meantime all of us are looking at doing some exploring here in The Natural State.  It's certainly nice and green in these parts, although like the rest of the country there's no escaping the horrid summer heat.  But no matter.  There's air conditioning, plenty of H2O, and swimming pool availability.

I promise some pictures over the next few days.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Days of June

This is one of those months where I just don't have much going on.  Therefore, no fodder for the blog.

Current events?  Fugeddaboutit.  I don't do that much here and besides the summer doldrums have hit everywhere.

Sports?  Not right now.  Much as I am interested in the college football playoff system I am actually more juiced by the prospect of seeing the SEC champ meet up with the Big 12 leader at the end of the season.  Too bad the Big 12 team will get its a__ kicked for the next many years to come.

Weather?  (Always everyone's favorite topic around here.)  In northwest Kansas it's Arizona hot right now, and will be for the next several (i.e. many) days.  Sure reminds me of the summers when I lived in Chandler, Casa Grande, Tucson, and, well you get the idea.

But in real news, Geogal shot her first skeet this past weekend.  We were helping with a trap shoot fundraiser and one of the gals there got Geogal to participate in one of the rounds, using a borrowed Beretta 20 gauge semi automatic.

She's hooked.  I foresee a July and August where we go as a family to the gun range.  Geoana's youth 20 gauge should be a better fit for my lovely wife, who right now is sporting a nice bruise courtesy of the Beretta's recoil.

The family that shoots together stays together.

Gadgets?  Nope.  I refuse to join the masses who are waxing huge expectation-predictions onto the Microsoft Surface.  I'd be willing to weigh in when we have an actual release date and prices to boot.  At this point it still just looks like a prototype.

Will I covet the new Macbook Pro with Retina display?  Possibly but my sights are actually set on one of the new Macbook Airs.  But rest assured my nearly six-year-old Macbook is still running quite well, thank you.

What's going on around the house?  Geogal and Geoana are watching our friend's kids this week (there's five of them).  Geogal cooked up some Hamburger Helper (provided by the family) for the little ones' lunch today and experienced some spillage.

Spillage that resulted in my task this early evening standing over our range with a razor blade and a full bottle of ceramic cooktop cleaner.  But the good news is that once I was done you would never have known just how cruddy everything looked at midday.

At least I have a short work week this week.  Looking forward to a little downtime and going to a place I have never been.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Now with the material

Wake up this morning, the first of June, and I see it's raining.  And cool.  I won't make a metaphor out of it but suffice to say I was jonesing for hot black coffee all morning.  And felt sleepy on top of it all. 

No matter, I'm sure within a couple of days it will be back to the hot dry wind and near-100-degree temps. 

Speaking of the hot dry wind there was plenty of it last Saturday.  Given most of the local farmers planted wheat it gave a real meaning to the verse "amber waves of grain." 


Sold the pop-up camper a couple of weekends back.  Given we will not have a chance to camp this summer, nor the next (courtesy of Geogal's school commitment) our household decided to let it go and have someone else enjoy it.  Doesn't hurt to have some extra cash lying around, either. 

We certainly got plenty of fun out of it.  It was a great way to start learning the basics (and the culture) of the campground.  At first I started the self-pity exercise when I thought of everything I had spent in gear.  But wait. 

After procuring the thing in April of 2010, we bought a Coleman camp stove, two lanterns, wheel chocks, a dogbone adapter (allows you to plug the 30-amp connector into a household outlet), camp dishes, a wash basin, and numerous other doo-dads.  Then it dawned on me, all of these things can be used in our next rig. 

Ah, our next rig. 

It will be a travel trailer.  Preferably a bunkhouse model (useful if Geoana wants to bring a friend along).  Not too big, something that our Suburban can pull with little to no effort.  Climate control.  A bathroom.  A working kitchen (to allow means to cook if it's raining outdoors, which did happen our last night during last summer's trip). 

Yes, I've already got my eye out even though we won't be buying for at least two years.  Ebay and the local classifieds are great ways to lose myself in the pleasure of fantasy.  I can even imagine a return to trip to Yellowstone.  And Rocky Mountain National Park. 


Finished reading LBJ: Architect of American Ambition.  I'm now enjoying some fiction.  First I breezed through my latest C. J. Box read, Nowhere To Run, and when returning that book to the library Geogal found a tome that might interest me.  The author is Nevada Barr (whom I had not heard of before a few days ago) and the book is Borderline.  Takes place in Big Bend National Park.  How could I not like this read?  I'll be sure to post my thoughts in an upcoming post. 


Any other upcoming summer activities?  For me a fair amount of home improvement work.  I see a whole lotta painting to be done before summer turns into fall. 

The vegetable garden is much smaller this year.  Some tomatoes, crookneck squash, onions, and green chile.  Not the nicely hot Big Jim variety of peppers from last year's garden but a more mild yet flavorful variety developed by New Mexico State University (yeah!). 

That's all for now.  Welcome, June. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bookending May

It's the end of the month.  I intended to write a longer entry this evening but got sidetracked due to wife and child tearing out the old carpeting from the basement family room.  I avoided the harder work (mainly due to being at the office earning a living to provide for my family) but still helped out with some rearrangement and sorting out of the electronic pieces including, but not limited to, the home theater system. 

So in between that and the other responsibilities of the evening I now find myself at the keyboard with the clock closing in on 10 p.m.  And the sandman is fast approaching. 

I will write more tomorrow, I swear! 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Begin another week...

It's nice to be home this weekend.  You see, over two of the past three weekends we've been east either in or near Alma, Kansas for BB Gun tournaments (first for 4H, then for American Legion).  I definitely don't have anything against that town or the region but being there that frequently is a bit taxing on those of us who come from western Kansas.  Drive time, combined with the costs of lodging and meals takes a toll on all.  At least this weekend I don't feel like I've been cheated out of the normal two-day respite from Real Life. 


I'm doing something different today.  I bought a charcoal smoker while in Topeka (on one of our BB Gun jaunts) and am doing my very-first-ever meat smoking.  I've got a (nearly) five pound chicken fryer resting over a pan of water and hot charcoal/wood and will likely have it there for the next five to six hours.  I just hope the rest of the family realizes I am in new territory here and not to expect the bird will taste like it came from Famous Dave's.  As with all of my cooking the best results will come with practice and a whole lotta experience. 

At least I have the assurance that if the chicken doesn't turn out as planned we're not out much money (versus if I tried to smoke some ribs or a brisket which are considerably more expensive). 


In an entry from a few days ago I made reference to Tribbles.  In case you were curious Geoana and I are nearly through the second season DVD set of Star Trek (TOS), we have either 4 or 5 more episodes to view to round out the Really Good Season with Really Good Stories. 

Then we will muddle through (gaaghk)....Season 3. 

Maybe I shouldn't be so critical, there are a few gems in that segment of the series.  "The Thaolian Web," "The Day Of The Dove," "Wink Of An Eye," and "Turnabout Intruder" all can stand with the best offerings from seasons 1 and 2. 

Plus I swear there are a couple of episodes in that third season that I have never seen.  


Rest in peace, Goober

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Is this covering all the bases?

Just checking Weather Underground this evening seeing if any rain is in the forecast. 

I usually don't pay attention to the ads, I consider them just one necessary (and easily ignored) annoyance as part of the 'Net experience. 

Yet tonight they caught my attention.  I won't even bother to describe them, it's easier to just post a pic: 

Lesee, it doesn't matter if I'm an uber-zealot nut job convinced The End Is Near, a far lefty who covets a meal with the current White House occupant, or a guy who just likes to check out pictures of gals wearing revealing swimwear and is too cheap to buy the SI swimsuit issue.  Really spreading the net wide, aren't you, ad folks? 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back home from more shooting

However I'm not the one shooting, it's Geoana.  She (and the rest of the team) just wrapped up their third out-of-town competition in eastern Kansas.  At least for our drive home this time the weather was benign, just some rain and nothing else.

We're all a bit tired and run-down as you might expect.  I have both extremes of thoughts/emotions right now, glad it's over but a bit dysphoric that our next venture won't happen until early July.  I'm sure a return to my routine beginning tomorrow will set things right.

One member of the team had something, not sure if it's the cold or the flu.  He didn't shoot as well as usual but the team still came in second place overall (there were 16 teams competing).  Then this morning we heard his father was up all night with an ailment I won't describe here.

This evening I don't feel all that great myself.  Just gotta keep convincing myself it is the result of fatigue and travel and nothing else.   Yeah, that's it.


Starting about a week and a half ago our house (and our town, and our geographic area) was invaded by "miller" moths.  Same thing happened about this time last year.  Those creatures are everywhere.  And there's a whole lotta them.  Last weekend I could swear they were multiplying as fast as tribbles.

A week ago Sunday I got out my Shop-Vac and in the course of vacuuming up the dead ones I put on the extensions and sucked a few of the living ones in as well.  (All the while reminding myself I don't believe in the philosophy of ahimsa.)  Today it finally seems they are under control.  There were a few lingerers when we got home this afternoon and I turned the flyswatter on them, which wasn't a difficult task as they were obviously circling the drain anyway.  Nothing like keeping the house closed up for a few days to kill those little annoyances.   Still, I'd rather deal with them then cockroaches or scorpions.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Couple of quick sports items for a Friday morning

First off, the April 2012 edition of "I know there's an Aggie joke in here somewhere."

Second, I see Dwight Howard will be having surgery to repair his herniated disk.  I'm not an NBA fan and actually couldn't care less about the league or its players.  However I did see he suffers from the same ailment as I and I sure hope surgery isn't in my near future.

But I'm sorry to say that after nearly two weeks of physical therapy and daily exercises I am experiencing no relief from my pain.  In fact the last couple of days it's been hitting me as hard as anything.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th

No bad luck on either day!

Thanks to all the family and friends who expressed concern about our traveling yesterday.   The end result is simple enough:  We made it home in normal time with no problems in regard to the storms.  Also no tornado activity during that time of day.  The route we chose and the time we drove it worked out perfectly--just missed a heavy rain and passed through before the next cell hit.

Geoana also shot very well yesterday, she improved on her KSRA tourney aggregate score by several points.  We still haven't heard yet if the team's score was enough to put them over the top and secure a slot in the national competition, we hope to hear about it sometime today.  (That's what happens when you hit the road right after your kiddo is done shooting.)

Last night was spent in front of the tube watching the continuous coverage of all the storm cells throughout the state.  The Big 3 affiliated stations in Wichita carried no network programming during prime time, instead devoting the entire broadcast evening to weather.  Our town and county only got some rain with hail in small areas, nothing here at the house save for a few dirty raindrops.  You know, the kind that will make your vehicle look atrocious.

But it's raining steady now.  No thunder, no lightning.  Just a nice gentle rain.  However the precip is enough that it ruined my plans to cut the grass today.


At the hotel yesterday morning, right after I posted the last entry the gal behind the front desk saw my shirt (I was wearing the BB Gun team shirt which features the town name on the back) and asked if I was indeed from this burg.  I responded in the affirmative.  She then asked if I knew a certain family.  Don't know them per se, but have a passing acquaintance as they attend our church and he dabbles in real estate and showed me a couple of houses back in April of 2008.  Turns out she's engaged to marry their grandson.

Yet again the world shows how small it can be.  You expect this type of thing throughout western Kansas but it can still surprise you when it occurs in a sizable city a 300-mile drive away.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good morning from Tornado Alley

Here I am in Topeka.  We're here (spent the night last night) because of Geoana having a 4H BB Gun tournament in nearby Alma.  Normally we'd stay in either Junction City or Manhattan but due to a contingent of soldiers returning to Fort Riley a hotel room in those locales was hard to find and pricey to boot. 

I suffered through the drive out yesterday, a whole lotta sitting.  I did have a physical therapy appointment yesterday morning and the inversion traction always feels good but overall my pain level yesterday was more bothersome the the past few. 

It is possible I was carrying some tension about the upcoming road trip which translated into a higher pain level. 

We ended up eating supper later than usual yesterday evening.  Since we are where we are we decided to indulge in some suburban behavior, namely eating at Texas Roadhouse.  

(Two days ago I mentioned to Geogal that we should be thinking about where to eat Friday night.  I said we should consider a cuisine that is not available in our small town.  She and I laughed simultaneously and said, "Yeah, that really narrows it down.") 

Because of the late meal we weren't up for much afterward.  I did bring my mat and did my daily back exercises.  Then this morning, after a hot shower and getting dressed I walked down to the hotel breakfast.  Passed the pool area. 

Time for a figurative slap on the forehead.  Yes, I could have walked down to the spa and let the heat do its work.  I even packed my swimsuit which shows I was thinking ahead. 

But no excuses.  And I also will stop with the self-flagellation now. 

Time to concentrate on the day and making sure we get back home before evening hits, the forecast today for locales on and east of U.S. Highway 81 indicates thunderstorms with a likelihood of scattered tornadoes.  Geoana shoots at 12:30, should be no problem.  I hope. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still around

And still largely doing the same stuff.

Where do I start?


Easter was good.  Whole lotta people in church (always a good thing!), then came home to a wonderful ham dinner featuring garlic mashed potatoes on the side.

The long weekend was good (I got Friday off).  Nice to get some spring cleaning done.


I didn't pay much attention to the NCAA championship game.  Sure, Kansas was one of the competitors but it seems at some point since moving here in '08 our household decided to root for the K-State Wildcats rather than chant "rock, chalk, Jayhawk!!"

I'd rather make a point of the women's championship game coming down to a contest between two church schools.  Howzabout that?

Of course now, with news reports surfacing of Baylor's numerous (alleged) recruiting infractions, who knows whether the undefeated Baylor season will be thrown out?


And on the subject of college sports, noticed Bobby Petrino at Arkansas no longer has a job as of tonight. I'll sidestep the pile-on regarding how he couldn't have numerous midlife crises at once and expect to emerge intact.

Rather I will simply say that Texas A&M might just now have a chance to beat the Hogs this fall during their annual matchup in The House That Jerry Built.


BB Gun competition is still in full force.  Our local team does indeed stand a chance to snag an invite to nationals (held in Rogers, Arkansas).  Who knows?  That just might be our big summer getaway.

We'll know more after this weekend.


In one of my recent entries I exhorted spring to spring.

Power of the written word?  After posting that, sure enough the temps started to rise.  So much so that a couple of weekends ago we had to run the air conditioner.

But since it is spring and this is western Kansas the hot spell eventually broke.  I think we've again clicked the control over to "heat" for a day or two.  But still it's reassuring to know that we're through the snowstorms/road closures for another season.  

I've already planted onions in the garden.  Looking forward to those home-grown tomatoes as well (but those will have to wait until April turns into May).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The passage of time

A couple of things to share here. 

First I realized (during the 4-o'clock-hour) that today marks exactly four years since I arrived in this town.  Next week will mark four years at this job. 


I sure didn't think I'd stick with it for this long.  We have several friends who predicted our return to the Grand Canyon State within a couple of years, at most. 

I guess that's what can happen when one enjoys his work and his workplace.  I can't picture doing what I'm doing for the rest of my career but I can envision staying here for another few years.  We will certainly see what transpires. 


The other thing:

Ever since mid-January I've been struggling with pain in my lower back and down my left leg.  Geogal finally had enough and just about ordered me to the doc.  An examination, some X-rays, and an MRI later we finally have an answer. 

I have a herniated lower disc. 

Wasn't caused by any kind of traumatic event.  It's not a consequence of lifestyle.  I'm not overweight. 

Bottom line, I'm getting older and this is the age range where these types of things show up. 

Now I'm looking to see what the medical professionals have to say regarding treatment. 

At least it's good to know what's causing the problem. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Portland becomes New Mexico West later this week

Congrats to the Aggies!   (Yes, yes, to the Low-blows as well.)  

Here's hoping fans from all over the state will introduce Oregonians to the delicacy known as green chile. 

Geogal's already checking the web to see about procuring us some tourney title T-shirts. 

I couldn't watch the game, though.  My pilot light burnt out way before 11 p.m. Central Time. 

What was more fun today, seeing where the Aggies would play or seeing the University of Arizona kittycats get snubbed?  (Actually the latter should be changed to "seeing the whole Pac-12 get burned the selection committee.") 

I also work alongside a WSU alum (#5 seed) and we both report to a Creighton grad (#8 seed).  Should prove to be a jolly morning meeting tomorrow. 

And here's hoping Indiana arrives in Portland far too overconfident.  Let the madness begin!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

And now, two things from southern New Mexico

Go Aggies!

Nevada lost yesterday so NMSU plays Louisiana Tech tonight for the WAC title.

Up until this morning I kept thinking NMSU would stand a good chance of going to the postseason NIT.  Even though their overall season record is pretty good they simply didn't stand a chance of getting an at-large bid to the Big Dance. 

But now, with a decent shot to win tonight's game things just got much more interesting.  I'm wearing my 2007 Aggies WAC championship t-shirt today as a long-distance sign of good luck. 


And speaking of southern New Mexico, Geogal found this which just demands a mention in my blog.  Even though I haven't lived in the Land of Enchantment since 1993 it's good to know some things never change.

Monday, March 05, 2012


Yesterday afternoon (and into the evening) Geogal and Geoana spent quality time in front of the tube watching episodes of "The Monkees."  I was in and out, working on the garden area and enjoying the mild temps (see previous post). 

But even with my occasional trips to the basement (where the entertainment center is located) I today still have aftereffects of the show.  My mind's ear is treating me to a medley of Monkees hits. 

....Take the last train to Clarksville.........she, she told me that she loved me.........she's a star collector (collector of stars), she only seems to please, young celebrities..........then I saw her face, now I'm a believer, not a trace, of doubt in my mind............I wanna be free, like the bluebirds flying by me.........cheer up sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean, to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen......Mary, Mary, where you going to? [Glen Campbell guitar riff]..........I'm gonna buy me a dog, cause I need a friend now......

And now they're in your head too!   Ha!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Come on spring, SPRING!

I'd like to begin this entry with "spring has sprung" but I know better.

Sure, the tulips in the front flower bed are sprouting upward, a few weeds are already making their presence known, and we're getting more daylight.  However this is March and we've learned that around these parts winter can still make a nasty appearance before May rolls around.

Plus I know spring won't even be official until March 21 or 22, whenever the vernal equinox takes place.

Still this morning was a nice surprise.  I went out to warm up the truck and was struck by how, well, mild the temps are this a.m.  Bright sunshine greeted me as well.  Didn't need to start up the vehicle and let it idle for a few.

I plan to enjoy it while I can.  Am planning to spend more time in the backyard today, get the garden ready for planting.  In truth, it's just the grown-up way of saying I want to play in the dirt.


Our family is quite a sight right now.  You already know about Geoana being on crutches.  Add to that Geogal struggling with her thyroid-related achiness then include my recent issue with (what we believe is) sciatic nerve pain.

We just don't get around easily like we used to.

For me, at least, ibuprofen and Naprosyn help take the edge off.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

Given the only-once-in-four-years opportunity to blog on February 29th, why not?


Geoana is on crutches, courtesy of torn ligaments (courtesy of a friend who accidentally stepped on her foot).  Her mom and dad are adjusting to a kiddo in need of some extra attention and assistance.  She's taking everything in good stride (pun intended).


What am I reading currently?  LBJ:  Architect of American Ambition by Randall B. Woods.  It's just a bit short of 900 pages, should keep me occupied for a while.  I'm at the time where he just assumed the presidency and 1963 became 1964.


Had the first BB shooting competition of the season.  Was this past Saturday in Oakley.  Geoana placed second overall in her age group, and among the best shooters in western Kansas that ain't bad!

Their team overall came in second.  Geogal was keeping an eye on the targets and stated our kids weren't far off the leaders.

The day itself was your typical horribly windy Kansas prairie day.  On the way home Geoana looked up from her book and asked if we were driving close to a storm.

No.  Just a whole lotta dust in the air.  Mental note:  change air filter soon.


Davy Jones died today, victim of a heart attack.  I already got our boxed set of "The Monkees" TV series out of the closet.  Later tonight we can honor his memory with an episode or two.  (Did I mention Geogal is a HUGE Monkees fan?)

He wasn't her favorite one, however.   That honor goes to Micky Dolenz.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Now on the downside of February, here's another snapshot of what's happening in our territory. 

My last post noted a new snowfall.  There's still residual white stuff in the shady areas because, unlike my late teenage years in New Mexico, the temps usually don't climb high enough to melt off the snow completely within two or three days, as often occurred in the Land of Enchantment.  Since I am well into adulthood snow just doesn't hold the same novelty as it did when I moved to the mountain west from Houston Texas (where any measurable snow accumulation is as rare as a 70-degree day in Kansas in February). 

Still it was fun to take the kiddo and her friend sledding on fresh powder. 


My thoughts on the football season just concluded? 

I barely watched the Super Bowl, didn't even give much heed to the commercials.  Have to wonder if both of these events are becoming victim of their own success.  However it was gratifying to watch the Pats lose (again) to the Giants. 

Me rooting for the Giants.  See what's become of me??

Three more positives for the 2011 season:  

1)  No Bret Favre
2)  No Terrell Owens
3)  No Tiki Barber

Here's hoping I can add Randy Moss to that list this time next year. 


In the lamest-make-a-connection-department I saw that Apple is soon to release a newer version of its operating system.  It's named "Mountain Lion."  

Features and improvements aside, speaking of felines you don't want to encounter in the wild unarmed here's a pic I took a couple of weeks ago when going to the local auto parts store.  I was planning to use it in an entry here with a phrase such as "You know you live in a small rural town when..." 

When you go to buy a new car battery and the vehicle next to you has several dead bobcats on the flatbed.  It is trapping season, after all. 

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Finally some snow! Plus an update.

It’s not that nothing’s been happening, it’s just that there’s not been much about which to write.  

Yes, starting a blog post with a grammatically incorrect sentence is not the best way to get going however it is early on a Saturday morn and the laziness factor is in full gear. 

Woke up this morning to a nice snowfall.  Not any surprise, as we have been watching the forecast for days now.  In fact it cut our business with not a whole lot of pleasure trip this past week just a bit short. 

Trip?  Yes, we were gone to Colorado ever since Sunday afternoon.  You wouldn’t hear about it here until after the fact (we have enough intelligence not to advertise being away from the domicile--never mind that we took our iOS devices with us!). 

In fact upon our return we got a message on the machine from our across-the-street neighbor expressing concern about our whereabouts.  This wasn’t due to a lack of communication, however.  Rather our neighbors were away from town themselves and didn’t return until after we hit the road.  This, combined with a text from our next-door neighbor on Thursday morning reminded us that part of small-town life involves folks being truly concerned for each other. 

Gotta like it. 

Anyhow, back to the present.  Since there’s a worthy amount of the white stuff on the ground today I see Geoana and I heading to the park with sleds on hand.  Plus she gets to wear her new snow pants, Christmas present from Geogal, who was concerned that we might not get any more measurable snow this season. 

Scratch that concern. 

How was Colorado?  So-so.  I had a conference/symposium, which in my field means you sit on your backside in marginal-quality chairs for several hours per day (my sciatic nerve just loved that) and Geogal was able to spend her time doing observation for her academic program (in a field completely unrelated to mine).  We didn’t have a great deal of downtime but did manage to hit some good restaurants and enjoy cuisine that we don’t have in our corner of the world.  (Geoana stayed behind as neither she nor we were thrilled with the prospect of her missing a week of school.) 

Wanted to hit Ikea, didn’t happen.  Wanted to visit some RV dealers and check out travel trailers, didn’t happen.  Wanted to go to the Apple Store, that DID transpire. 

Headed home a day early to avoid the storm that has dumped the white stuff here and shut down I-70 from the Kansas border to Denver. 

There’s no place like home. 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

With the college football season winding down...

Lots of long faces around these parts today.  There's more than a few K-State fans around this town and I've met several that absolutely bleed Wildcat purple. 

"Just wait until next year!"


I'm not saying that the lower-tier bowls get any disrespect, but then again....

Here's a screenshot I took off of ESPN's site after the first couple of postseason games concluded.  Seems they both took place in the Palmetto State.  Still probably a better locale than Albuquerque or Boise.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Eatin' In The New Year!

Got my traditional First of January New Mexico-esque dish that is supposed to bring me good luck. 


Maybe next year I'll branch out and make a pot full of black-eyed peas.