Sunday, February 10, 2013

First One In Feb.

People who follow this blog know there are periods where I will let a lot of days/weeks elapse between posts.  There are typically three reasons for why this happens.  First, I might not have anything new or significant to share and therefore posting for the sake of posting seems tedious.  Granted, this is MY blog and I am free to express what I desire but I also want to ensure the readers will peruse something that is worth their time, even if the said time is only a few minutes.  Second, I might be under the weather although God has blessed me with overall good health.  And third, I could be so busy and occupied with other responsibilities that sitting down an writing a blog entry isn't even thinkable. 

It's actually a bit of all three that explain the four weeks between posts.  Since the holiday season ended and the downhill cruddy side of winter took hold I have a lack of engaging, interesting material to share here.  Not like the summertime which could involve camping trips or national BB gun tournaments.  Not like the fall where I like to espouse my thoughts on college football.  Under the second category I did have a head cold that came on about two weeks ago.  I'm over the worst of it but still have the drainage and occasional coughing fit that still keep me grumpy.  The third reason is the most relevant one at this time.  Regular readers of this blog know I took a new position at work back in August and this job is far more demanding than my previous one.  Also this is my first year of being the head coach for our BB gun team and that is a task that is more than willing to take whatever spare time I might have left.  Combine this with a spouse who is away M-F and you have the recipe for a very tired and taxed Geoguy. 

But what has been going on? 

The lack of significant free time and the winter season combine for me to get creative in how I will relax.  However I think I've found something leisurely with which to occupy myself. 


A fun type of research. 

Readers here know that we sold our pop-up camper last summer.  We learned quite a bit about camping from having that rig.  We learned what works and what does not work for us as a family.  For me it also was a good introduction to towing, backing up, and how to efficiently store one's gear. 

So what is next for us in the wide world of RV-ing?  (as some now call any type of vehicle camping)

Travel trailer.  Something that will accommodate the three of us as well as allow space for a fourth person since Geoana will likely want to bring along a friend.  Something hard-sided.  (A hybrid trailer would definitely fit our needs and would be well within the weight limit of our tow vehicle but since we have camped in bear country and likely will do so again, that rules out a hybrid.) 

I've been looking over material that's available online but also last weekend Geogal and I traipsed to the library (which now has both fiction AND nonfiction books--shout out to the Geo bro-in-law).  I picked up a tome titled "How To Select, Inspect, and Buy an RV."  Yeesh, I have a lot of stuff to learn.  They definitely are not all created equal.  And even going with a reputable brand name doesn't guarantee no problems or issues. 

Since we won't be buying until next year at the earliest I have plenty of time to consume and digest the necessary information so we don't end up with buyer's regret.  And maybe it's good that I have that much time with which to work as the subjects are numerous.  What is the maximum weight for our vehicle?  (And the owner's manual only tells you so much.)  Will I want to go with a weight distribution hitch?  (Probably so.)  Do we want a rig with a slide out?  (At present I'm inclined to say no, but that might change.)  What about an anti-sway mechanism?  (With as windy as it is around here I'm inclined to say yes.)  New or used?  (Likely the latter, but sometimes private parties want exorbitant prices for the rigs they are selling, so who knows?)  How does one go about emptying the gray and black water tanks correctly?  How do you light the pilot?  Just how does the refrigerator run on propane anyway?  What other gear will we need to buy once we actually make a purchase? 

I'm sure these things will work themselves out.  And I have the assurance that Geomom and Geodad knew virtually nothing about these things before they bought a fifth-wheel rig after Dad retired.  And they had plenty of positive camping/traveling experiences so I know none of this stuff is rocket science. 

In the meantime I'm enjoying myself with the reading and the learning.  And the looking at rigs on eBay or any other "for sale" sites.  Plus none of this costs me a doggone dime.  Hopefully the work I'm doing now will save me many dimes down the road.