Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Praise Of A Small Town

What follows......could never happen in a more populated locale. 

I, along with several other folks, was getting ready for a road trip.  Many months in the making, several days in the execution.  Our kids are just about ready to compete in a national BB gun competition.  Many weeks of planning and fund-raising are about to come to culmination. 

Full confession here:  I am a worrier. 

I'm trying to improve in this area.  Learning more from life lessons certainly helps.  However for some reason I still cannot shake the "beyond concern" I experience just prior to journeys more than an hour or two.  I've always been this way and I have no explanation.  However I am aware worry doesn't do me any good and in fact robs me of joy that I should have in conjunction with excursions beyond my own area of familiarity 

So, let's go back to two Thursdays ago.  I was bound and determined not to worry myself about anything, regardless of what might occur.  So, when the water heater decided to draw some attention to itself on Wednesday I assessed the situation, determined disaster was not imminent, and made a conscious decision NOT TO WORRY!  

Thursday morning arrives.  Even though Geoana took a shower on Wednesday evening (well after I discovered some leakage from bottom of said water heater) a check of the basement once she was finished revealed no further water spread.  Giving the matter some thought I made the wisest decision possible: Turn off the water at the main and that would prevent a flooded basement should the water heater decide to expel its contents. 


Thursday morning arrives and I turn off the water main just as we are ready to leave the house. 

Then comes the waiting for the rest of the travelers, plus the anticipation of what is to come.  While sitting in the coffee shop Geogal and I talk to one of the local business owners, a person who already knows me via our mutual involvement in a service club. 

Did I mention he owns a plumbing business in town? 

We drop the subject of water heaters, he asks some questions, and the next thing I know he tells me his guys can take care of the matter. 

I get out my keychain, remove the house key, slide it across the table.  Several minutes later, my household is on the road to Arkansas. 

(Would that ever occur in a larger city?  Even a medium-sized one?)

Fast forward to the following Monday.  We get home from an-all-day-and-very-long road trip.  One of the first things I do is head down to the basement. 

A new water heater sits there, simply doing what it's supposed to do. 

Water main is back on.  Only a little bit of air in the lines. 

And a very dry basement floor. 

Don't worry.  Don't worry.  Don't Worry! 

See what can happen when one decides to not worry?