Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yeah, that

Couldn't have made it more clear to Geogal yesterday evening.  Watching the tail end of yesterday's Apple keynote and I let out a "whoop whoop" when they unveiled the iPad Mini with Retina display.  She was in the room. 

Hope there's one under the tree come some morning in late December. 


Winter is coming, as it seems to do every year around this time.  Cool nights, chilly mornings.  Dry hands. 

I did grow some tomatoes in the backyard this summer.  Didn't start too well but the delay had nothing to do with heat or drought.  The two varieties I planted were Fourth of July and Big Beef.  I had a couple of good looking Big Beef ones on the vine, then one morning they were just gone. 

Scratched my head over that one.  If someone wants to vandalize my property they could do much more than snatch a couple of underripe veggies.  Then the answer presented itself a few mornings later. 

The culprit was a fawn. 

Fortunately the small deer decided to venture elsewhere and I did finally get a decent crop of nature's goodness. 

Today, however, the tomato vines already have suffered some frost but I just don't have the heart to pull them out of the ground yet. 

As if that's going to delay winter's arrival.....

Monday, October 21, 2013

Now That's An Odd Coincidence

Earlier today I was listening to SiriusXM NFL radio.  The commercial break was fast approaching and the hosts made reference to the upcoming topic of "the passing of Bud Adams, who died at age 90." 

I said out loud (to no one in particular):  "You mean Bum Phillips." 

Nope, turns out they were right. 

Phillips died last Friday.  Adams died today.  Both reached the age of 90.  Both will always be identified with the (former) Houston Oilers. 


I know what I will be doing tomorrow night.  Same thing the last time Apple had a product announcement. 

I'm already making it clear to my loved ones that I want an iPad mini for Xmas.  Hope they introduce a Retina model.