Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Lowbrow Blog Definition

Geogal returned home from the Big Easy none the worse for wear. Per her report one of the airplane trip highlights was attempting to explain to her attorney cohort exactly what a blog is. To better illustrate it, she referenced an episode from The Simpsons. Life imitates Our Favorite Family yet again.

Hmmm, could Arrested Development references be in the near future?

Monday, March 21, 2005

All the neurons are firing again!

Learned a valuable lesson the other evening. ALWAYS blog into a word processor, then paste it into the blog’s field, then post. As with many of my learned lessons, I learned it the hard way. Wrote (and lost) the last entry (twice!!) before finally getting the process right. Plus, the word processing software contains the ever-useful spell check. Even though spelling is not much of a problem for me, I do suffer from the occasional keyboard dyslexia.

I am finally feeling better. So better in fact, that I almost forgot to take my evening dose of antibiotic. A true sign of recovery if there ever was one...

I am in day three of being the single parent. So far, so good. The only incident involves a spill of grape juice on the carpet, giving the putrid surrounding light and dark stains a little splash of color. Geogal gets home tomorrow, then all should be right with this little world.

Monday, March 14, 2005

After the medicine kicks in.....'s time to start blogging! Since I just ingested some Motrin, time to hit the keyboard. So, time for more drivel.

Perhaps the reason newspaper writers dislike the blogosphere so intensely is the concept of dues-paying. There are a limited number of newspapers, and each of these periodicals has a finite number of column inches. And most writers in the larger dailies had to toil at the smaller gazettes, often for years, before obtaining their desired positions. Then what happens? The rules change!

Don't misunderstand me, I do not wish for the newspapers to vanish. You should know that I have a degree in journalism, I am just not using it to earn a paycheck at this time. I also admit that I enjoy reading the paper to which I subscribe, particularly with the first cup of coffee on a weekend morning.

My main argument is that editors and writers both need to increase their responsibility to their readership, which means balanced reporting (something I learned in my first freshman journalism class). I am well aware that bias and inaccuracies are not limited to the print medium.

And newspapers have a whole variety of uses.

Friday, March 11, 2005

First Thoughts

Geogal has been after me for a while to begin blogging, and finally I ran out of excuses. For the few people who will see this post, just understand it is merely my thoughts about a variety of issues, mostly culture, religion, pop culture (yes, it's different than regular culture), and some sports thrown in as well. Minimal politics, I promise. Two reasons: First, the political blogging is done very well in numerous other sites; and second, because I want to engage in blogging as a form of relaxation. Political blogging will only serve to increase my blood pressure.

I'll even try my hand at humor (a la James Lileks) and perhaps tackle the task of essaying (only rarely, at this point).

After so many years, the old journalism degree is finally put to some use!

It's late on Friday evening, and I am suffering from a combination of fatigue and getting over an illness-that-was-worse-than-the-common-cold-but-not-quite-the-flu. So........

More to come later.