Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More odds and ends

College pigskin officially begins tomorrow. I'm ready for an awesome 12 or 13 weekends. ________________________________

I've come to the conclusion that the Geofamily would have been right at home watching TV in the mid to late '60's. This is given credence by our Netflix queue, currently featuring "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," "Star Trek" (we just finished watching the first season), and now "The Brady Bunch." Course back then we would not have had digital media, or barely even magnetic analog media for that matter.....

Why do preseason NFL games need to go into overtime?
A: Las Vegas. Thank the gamblers. 

Might we be seeing the last Texas-Texas A&M football game this Thanksgiving? A: No. Keep in mind Georgia and Georgia Tech are in different conferences, as are Florida and Florida State. However the Longhorn-Aggie matchup might have to move from its Thanksgiving weekend slot to sometime earlier in the season.

I can say this: My alma mater might have a perpetually crappy football team but at least that means they run a clean program. You can't say that for: USC, Ohio State, Miami, Oregon....I'm sure the list will go on.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why I'm Glad To Be Living Around Here

The people here aren't perfect, and there are a few neer-do-well's in these parts.

But overall Midwestern hospitality and looking out for each other is still expected behavior.

Yesterday's Amtrak derailment, which happened about 100 miles from where I reside, illustrates just how the locals react when a crisis situation hits

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It only took 3 years

But I finally was able to take little Geoana to Kool-Aid Days in Hastings, Nebraska (where it was invented).

Featured the world's longest Kool-Aid stand. Just plunk down a few dollars to get a couple of commemorative mugs, and the child and I could have as much of the sugary drink as we could consume.

As I told Geogal before we ventured forth: "I hope they have plenty of porta-potties."

They did.

And, as it turns out, Kool-Aid is progressive and embraces people of all lifestyles:


Getting cool in the mornings. Just a hint of fall in the air.

(Had to include that piece especially for my Texas kindred, who are suffering through one of the worst summers imaginable.)


Speaking of the hint of fall, I walked out of the house today, started the truck, drove to the end of the street, and before making the turn saw about six turkey hens congregated next to the ballfield.

First sighting of the season. Autumn's a-comin'.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Creative Title

Little Geoana spent some of this morning at the local sewing concern getting her skirt ready.

Ready to go to Hutchinson.

We're not planning another trip. For benefit of the out-of-staters, Hutch is where the state fair takes place.

That's right. Her award-winning textile is being entered into competition at the state level.

I'm so proud.


Our heat wave and dry spell ended some days ago but last night elevated precipitation to a new level.

Three ginormous thunderstorm cells passed over our fair town last night. The last one hit about one in the morning. It featured a couple of thunderclaps that were so loud I swear the lightning struck somewhere on our street.

Made for a moist and cool (for summertime) day, however.

Took a while to get back to sleep but once I returned to repose I dreamed of being quickly transported to Antarctica, which included a temperate pocket of civilization containing a nondescript neighborhood topped off with a cut-rate Target store. Roadways were marked with highway signs that looked like they were contracted out to the Arizona Department of Transportation. They didn't even bother to change the state shape on the signs.


Heard a beautiful sound today. That of our dishwasher churning away cleansing the items inside.

Repair guy finally got out here yesterday. Sure enough, it was the motor. Fortunately he had a replacement one on hand.

How long before I start taking that appliance for granted again?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bountiful, Part II

Last year I wrote about my rather disappointing home-garden haul.

This year, much improved. I didn't plant any spuds but we again did the yellow squash thing, more tomatoes (gotta do tomaters!), and a few other odds and ends provided by one of our acquaintance's mother.

And again I did Big Jim green chile.

Last year's crop (I use the term very loosely) yielded only a few peppers and none of them were of significant size. I don't know what's different about this year. I got the Big Jim from the same place as before, planted it in the same area as in 2010.

What a difference a year makes! I've already harvested 9 peppers from this baby and they are comparable to what you'd procure from Hatch, New Mexico. I roasted them yesterday under the broiler and they have a nice flavor, not mild like the Anaheim but not scream-in-pain, either.

Made salsa yesterday. Made more today.

Totally garden-grown was the first batch (save for the store-bought cilantro). Tomatoes, onion, and green chiles fresh from the backyard. Finally fulfilled one of my dreams from last year.


August is here, and little Geoana seems ready to return to school. Around these parts there's just something about the month of August. Fair is over, the kids just seem sparse. Like they've already succumbed to the reality that school time is almost here. (Doesn't bother my kid, she's social and seems to enjoy school just fine.) The public pool gets less use, even though they keep the same hours as always. The getaway fun vacations are all over, the farm kids have plenty to do as it is.

Earlier I blogged about little Geoana's (prize-winning) baking. I neglected to mention that in the midst of all the heavy kitchen use our dishwasher decided to take a hiatus. (I think the motor died since water goes in and water pumps out, but nothing else happens.) And try waiting for you local appliance repairman to come over and at least do a diagnosis, since he's keeping busy with air conditioner repairs courtesy of our recent heat wave.


Few things are more surreal then having your wife tell you she sees our old house in Chandler up on the market again. (Via Zillow) Click through the realtor's photos and say to yourself: "I had that put in, I built that, I painted that, I paid for that to be done."