Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Let election season begin...

Entry number 21 had me laughing out loud.


Who is my pick to win it all on Monday night? Hey, why not go with George Mason? On Sunday afternoon I told Geogal that watching the GMU-UConn game would be a waste of time and that the final score would likely be something near: Connecticut 78, George Mason 50.

Good thing I'm not a gambling man.


Self-destruction in action: The Bonds saga continues.........

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Returning from reflecting

This time around, the lack of entries for the past several days was due to me being out of state to attend a funeral (wife's family). There's nothing like spending some time in a cemetary to remind one of what's important.

I don't expect to ever lose that mindset. I am not, and never have been, a Type-A person. (If I was, this blog would have an entry each and every day.) Now that I think about it, Type-A's do not seem to run in my family on either side. I should be thankful.

Hope that didn't sound to mean for those that lean toward Type-A. But the world needs both types of people.

Where did that rambling come from? Spending too much time in my own mind, I guess.


The Arizona Cardinals sign a top running back in his prime. Terrell Owens becomes a Cowboy. Has hell frozen over?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Anniversary, God's sense of humor, and The Edge

What a weekend!

A good steady rain on Saturday (as opposed to the torrents we usually receive). An awesome way to end the drought. Then the news that the northern areas of the Valley got more than a dusting of snow. Even today the mountains around the area are white rather than their normal earth tone. A pleasant change of pace. Don't tell me God does not have a sense of humor.....

This weekend also marked the one-year anniversary of this blog. I have but one pledge for the coming year: To continually improve the quality of my writing through blogging. And I invite my readers to leave comments as you see fit....

The weekend closed out with amazing news: the signing of Edgerrin James by the Cardinals. Even the naysayers (and there are tens of thousands of them where the Cards are concerned) are impressed. Can't blame them. James is still young with many good years ahead. Or.......

......the way things usually occur for the Cards would dictate this scenario: James sustains a season-ending injury in training camp and is never the same afterward.

We'll just see.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Some sports stuff

This was bound to happen.

The various sports pundits are correct: in the end, it's the win-loss record that counts.

But Evans is a man of honor and will land on his feet.

We're just barely into spring training and I predict........wait a minute. I've already done my prognosticating for this season.

Yeeesh. Now that's a time-warp kind of experience. Good thing my recall powers kicked in before I finished the above paragraph and looked like a fool.

I do wish Barry Bonds would just drop off the face of the earth. Then baseball could actually be a game again and not some kind of freak sideshow.

Yes, yes, I know that he has a God-given talent to hit a baseball. (It doesn't matter if you're juiced-up or not, if you can't hit a ball to save your life, you won't be sending white-with-red-stitching artillery into McCovey Cove on a regular basis.) It would be due justice if he is unable to pass Hank Aaron on the all-time home run list. Aaron remains a monument of dignity and discipline. Let his record be broken by someone who earned that right.

I'm waiting to see if the Arizona Cardinals are willing to spend money this offseason to address their weak areas. The team appears to have plenty of spending room under the cap. Will the Bidwell family cough up the bucks?

Just one entry this week

Yes, I know. Dearth of blogging this week. I could attribute it to me preparing for a new professional endeavor which will start next week. But, the more accurate reason is simply an empty creative tank on my part. I know this happens to all people who engage in original production but I still feel lazy. Shame on me.

Yesterday Geoana said that for Christmas this year she wants to go to Alaska because it snows there. A few weeks ago I would have used her desire as an excuse to head to The Last Frontier, but my desire to go there again has since waned. Still, I'll provide another picture today anyway. This was taken on a glacier cruise just a little ways from Whittier, in Prince William Sound.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Random thoughts for a Thursday

In case any of you were wondering, the picture in Monday's blog was taken at Chugach State Park, just outside Anchorage. Bet you would never know a city of 250,000 is less than 30 minutes away from that idyllic setting.

I also remember the mosquitoes were swarming. Praise the makers of Off!

It would be great if Phoenix could land this whale. I do have my doubts, though. Not the least of which is Texas pride, which would take quite a blow should Southwest bail on Love Field.

Speaking of that, Congress should repeal the Wright Amendment. It's an unnecessary dinosaur since DFW airport is in no danger of going out of business should normal flights resume from Love. There are no such restrictions on Houston's Hobby airport and the competition has had no negative effect on George Bush Intercontinental.

No doubt many folks are laughing at David Gregory today. However, if he really suffers from an alcohol addiction it should be noted that he is suffering from a disease. It's sad when a public figure's demons are on display for all to see.....