Sunday, May 19, 2013

About to call it another school year

Geoana's school is wrapping up this coming Thursday.  Geogal takes her last final exam on Wednesday. 

Then we can all enjoy one day of respite before Geogal flies out to Alaska at the end of the week. 

That is a summation of the Geohouse life for right now.  We are all very busy. 

Geoana will be saying goodbye to elementary school.  Our school system here seems perpetually disabled between the old-style system of elementary being through grade 6, then 7-9 for junior high, and grades 10-12 designated as high school; and the newer milieu of middle school (grades 6-8) then high school being a four-year long journey through the academic salt mines.  As such, she will be in junior high for a grand total of two years, then on to high school for grade 9. 

I know--it makes no sense to me, either. 


Geoana and I completed our viewing of the Original Series episodes of "Star Trek."  Tuesday evening we watched #79 ("Turnabout Intruder") and relished Shatner overacting in a couple of the scenes.  And if that wasn't enough we also concluded another series this week, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."  The DVD had the two-parter that aired in January, 1968, before the cancellation ax hit. 

On to the "Star Trek" movies. 


Speaking of TV shows, some weeks ago I decided to give "Mad Men" a try.  Since Netflix has it streaming I didn't need to wait for a DVD in the mail.  I've always been interested in the period of the 1950s and 1960s and I heard that the "MM" producers are sticklers for accurate detail.  Therefore I watched the first and second episodes of the series.

And I'll pass.

Just wasn't enough to hold my interest. 


Geogal will be twisting the knife for the coming five weeks.  She will be in Fairbanks, Alaska as part of her clinical placement to complete her schooling.  But on the weekends she will be free to do as she wishes.  Doing things that will likely include going up the Dalton Highway as far as the Arctic Circle, seeing some of the same route the "Ice Road Truckers" do, and enjoying the flora and fauna of The Last Frontier.

While I work.

It's my own fault.  I encouraged her to go for the adventure.  Alaska is a whole lot better than Peoria, Illinois.