Tuesday, May 17, 2005

All good things....

Amidst the Newsweek debacle and the continuing debate over filibusters and Social Security, I chose to blog today on a really important issue. The end of the Star Trek production/factory/mobile and the final Star Wars film, both of which are taking place as I type.

First, the upcoming Star Wars flick. Maybe it’s a sign that Geoana’s watching a little too much of the idiot box when she hears “Darth Vader’s Theme” being played under the trailer for “Revenge of the Sith.” Even if she’s headed to bring another toy into the family room (better known as Geoana’s play area #3) she rushes back to watch the remainder of the trailer. And now her next coveted toy is a lightsaber. I thought we would only have to deal with these things if we had a boy.

I think I blew her mind the other day when I told her I was just a boy when I saw the first “Star Wars” movie.

In a few days I think I’ll get out my old Star Wars figures. It’s fun to be a dad.

What can I say about the end of the Star Trek franchise? Not much, as numerous other bloggers and columnists have already tackled the subject. I actually checked out sometime in the mid ‘90's, when I lost interest in “Voyager.” I never watched “Enterprise,” and I have not seen all of the episodes of “The Next Generation.” Maybe that’s when I really hit adulthood. Then again, maybe it just coincided with my enrolling in graduate school....