Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday musings

Congratulations to the snakes!

And to think I, as most people, was expecting a mediocre team this season. That dreadful year of 2004 is rapidly becoming a distant memory.

Speaking of distant memories in the world of sports, remember when the Cowboys were slaughtered 44-0 by the Chicago Bears in the fall of 1985? I certainly do.

Not that it's an apples-to-apples comparison, but Sunday night's victory by the 'Pokes in Chicago definitely felt good to those of us who remember that low point in Texas history. (Which I always consider, with the benefit of hindsight, to be the beginning of the end of the Tom Landry era.) Not only did the Cowboys win at Soldier Field, in front of a national TV audience, but remember the home team did represent the NFC in last season's Super Bowl.

So it's a victory I can savor for some time.

Back to baseball. I am realistic. The Diamondbacks will not make it to the World Series. However, postseason play is still fun to watch.

One last sports comment--my prediction for Sunday's Cardinals-Steelers matchup: Pittsburgh 35, Arizona 13.

Lately my blogging on this site has been down. Why? I am spending a great deal of time and energy getting my business going (which I have mentioned here before). Part of my efforts involve creating and maintaining the business website. Not to mention I am also writing blog posts for my business. For the casual reader, no, I will not link to either the website or the blog from the Arizona Pundit blog, as I want to keep myself incognito here. Family and friends can get the URL for my business venture via e-mail. Plus it is somewhat therapeutic to maintain a more casual (and sometimes sarcastic) alter ego on this blog, the likes of which I would never do on the professional Internet presence.

Back to work (no more casual Saturdays)!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall cleaning

I know it traditionally takes place in the spring, but the Geohouse is currently being subject to a good "get-rid-of-the-clutter-and-make-this-house-presentable" exercise.

The linchpin of this effort is not yours truly, but rather, Geogal. You see, she and little Geoana have a new ritual: watching "Clean House" shows we save on the DVR.

And it seems to have an unintended positive consequence. Geogal wants to downsize, clean up, and improve the interior of the house.

More power to her. Blame our current house condition on general malaise, a busy schedule, and lack of company for almost a year.

But now it's looking better, and it seems to be giving us a psychological uplift as well.

Plus, after seeing the "Before" condition of the homes featured on "Clean House," I don't feel quite so negative about my own dwelling. Call it the "At least I'm not that messed-up in the head" effect.

Now, is it time I tackle the garage?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Prepare the crow for my consumption

If you're so inclined, read the comments on my last post. If you're not inclined, just know that geobro-in-law took me to task for being down on the Longhorns.

The lesson learned here is not to write about these games until the score is final. Still, it will be interesting to see how UT will fare against Oklahoma, Nebraska, A&M, and even Oklahoma State. But for tomorrow, they should do nothing less than beat the snot out of Central Florida.

At least Texas has a pride-inducing football program. I saw with some dismay that my alma mater (New Mexico State Cow College) is facing Auburn on the 22nd.

What the fark? I thought they were moving away from these money/prostitution games.

(long sigh)

At least I can enjoy watching the Nebraska/USC game. One of the rare times I will root for Nebraska.

(Speaking of that--Q: What does the "N" on Nebraska's football helmets stand for?
A: Nowledge)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday channel-hopping

Just college gridiron action, of course.

Three observations:

1) I was as surprised as anyone that Oregon put such a walloping on Michigan. Yeesh, the Wolverines must really stink.

But I think the best quote I've seen regarding that game comes from Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press:

"I hate to put it this way, but there were Lions games that were less embarrassing than this."

2) Could there be a changing of the guard in Texas? By that, I mean, could the football power be switching from Austin to College Station? While I thought the Aggies had put the game away with about 2 minutes to go in the game, imagine my surprise when I turned the DirecTV tuner to FSN to catch the Longhorns-Horned Frogs game, and instead saw the A&M game in its third overtime. Sure, the Aggies nearly lost the game, but they were able to put it away. That brings me to...

3) My mother will disown me for this (not to mention never again being invited to Geosister and Geobrother-in-law's house again), but I think the Longhorns are overrated this year. Regarding the aforementioned UT-TCU matchup, the 'Horns are down 10-zip going into the locker room. Guess I'll sign off now and see if Colt McCoy and company can pull off an upset in the second half. (See, family members? I haven't dissed the Longhorns completely. At least they're not Michigan.)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Quick sports notes

Just some observations from college football's opening weekend:

Need any more proof that collegiate sports has a high level of psychological importance? Just look at the opening moments of the Virginia Tech/East Carolina game. How many times did the announcers talk about "healing?"

I was unable to catch the Texas/Arkansas State game (just no TV coverage of it out in these parts). But from what I heard, the Longhorns need to get with it, or else. Last year's loss to A&M is still leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the Burnt Orange faithful.

I watched all of the California/Tennessee game. (OK, I admit it. I really wanted to hear the UT band play "Rocky Top.") And the game itself did not disappoint. Either both of those teams are really good, or both of those teams have a porous defense. (I'm guessing the former.)

Lastly, I'm checking the scoreboard on the Sunday sports page, looking for my alma mater. Don't see them in the W or L column. Then I'm thinking to myself, "Why didn't they play?" A few minutes later, I'm looking at the scoreboard on Only then do I notice they actually played last Thursday.

And won.

Not a bad start to tailgating/pigskin time.

August in the rear view

I'm glad that month is over with.

Or am I?

August certainly presented more than its share of difficulties and hard times. High stress was the order of the day in the Geohouse for a majority of the eighth month of 2007.

But wait a minute. The latter part of August also had some high points. Several days away from the house, the jobs, the old grind. Several days of peace and quiet (no little one to shuttle to and from school, feed, etc.) and catching some rays by the poolside certainly had their intended effect.

So I suppose I can say August took away and then gave. Wonder what September has in store?