Monday, July 23, 2012

My own thought (and then someone else's)

On the penalties handed down to Penn State football today, I have no objection to most of them.  One always can hope the punishment can achieve its expected outcome:  to convince institutions that the administration should always be more powerful than a sports program (or an iconic coach).

But erasing the victories from 1998 to the end of last season?  I think one of the ESPN commentators got it right--the NCAA doesn't want Joe Paterno's name appearing in the record books.

However I think Paul Mirengoff at Powerline makes an excellent point.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"I once was lost, but now am found."

No, no great old hymns of the church here.  (Although I do like a whole lot of them, but that's a subject for another day.  Probably should be a Sunday.)

Shortly before we departed for Arkansas Geogal asked if I had seen her USB device in which you can insert your camera's SD card, then just attach the drive to a USB port and transfer pictures to your heart's content.  I hadn't seen it, and we didn't find it before leaving on the trip.

However while Geogal and Geoana were at camp the week following our return I was straightening up the master bedroom and found said drive on our dresser.  Shared the happy news upon their return and  now I hope she has that thing in a safe place.  I then joked that I was on a bit of a roll and that now the only thing left to find is her iPod shuffle.  It's one of the second generation models in that it is quite small (even for Shuffles) and is meant to be clipped to an item of clothing while the listener engages in whatever type of activity.  I can't recall when we last saw it, but it's been unaccounted for for at least a year (maybe even two).

So I made the joke and then forgot about it.

Two days ago Geogal lets out a shriek, then a "woo-hoo!"  Sure enough, she found her Shuffle.  It was at the bottom of one of her bags, still attached to a set of headphones that she hasn't used in quite a while.  It's now back at home on its docking station.


Took a look at the Big 12 football schedule this morning (just for funzies, you know).

Who knows who will win the conference?  Especially since the two perennial powerhouses (Texas and Oklahoma) haven't been up to snuff recently.  I'm not bothering to follow pundits or sports websites regarding their predictions so I'm just flying blind at this time.  Here's the games to which I am looking forward:

Kansas State versus Miami on Sept. 8

Iowa State at Oklahoma State on Oct. 20.  (Will the Cowboys will be thinking payback?)

UT goes to Lawrence to play KU on Oct. 27.  For some reason the Longhorns often leave the Sunflower State with a "L."

November 17--The Sooners will be in Morgantown to take on West Virginia.

Then on December 1 the Longhorns again travel to The Land of Dorothy to battle K-State.  Will Bill Snyder's team be more focused on their ranking and a possible high-up bowl invite instead of concentrating on football field?  Or will both teams just be playing for respect and a lower-tier bowl berth?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who knows, it might be a good product?

I'm not out to slam Google or Asus or anyone else who had a hand in this device. 

But this is just too danged funny to keep to myself. 

HT:  Curious Rat

Sunday, July 15, 2012

About that weather...

Don't know if any of you noticed, but June was one very hot month here.  Hot and dry.  This is our fourth summer here and while in past years there have been just a handful of days where the mercury inched over 100 degrees it's been a different story in 2012.  Just about felt like we were living back in Chandler. 

Sometimes the heat is tolerable with the occasional t-storm but even those have been a rarity the past few weeks.  While the lack of thunderboomers cuts down on the danger of tornadoes, one wonders if the drought is worth it.  Given the heavy agricultural bent to this area and the resulting early wheat harvest due to the heat and lack of rain it is near impossible to talk to folks and not have the topic revert to the weather.  Our garden has yielded only one crookneck squash and three (count 'em, three) tomatoes.  I've given up on the yard, deciding it wasn't worth the effort and high city water bill to keep the grass looking just passable. 

Funny how during the winter we keep pining away for warmer weather.  But I'll bet nearly everyone around here is eagerly awaiting the days when the daytime temps top out in the 60's and the nighttime reading hovers just above the freezing mark.  (Note to self, read this entry again in late January, early February 2013.) 

In the winter we have wind chill.  In the summer we have heat index.  Either way, it's rough. 

For now we will keep cool by watching our Sunday evening guilty pleasure:  Ice Road Truckers. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Since Sunday afternoon the gals have been at church camp.  I, however, have been here holding down the fort.  You might think I'd be either bored out of my skull or pining away for my loved ones. 


They'll be back tomorrow and I will be glad to see them.  But between work and having a quite large "honey do" list this week has flown by.  It wasn't uncommon for me to glance at the clock and murmur to myself, "9:30 already?"

The journey to Arkansas and back was uneventful.  Great road trip, and we didn't kill each other or vow to disband and join other families at the end.  Nothing was lost, save for a pair of $2.50 sunglasses Geoana left in the Wal-Mart restroom (at least the third time she's done that, always at a Wally World for some reason).  Not even as much as a flat tire to impede our voyage. 

And the Cosmosphere was worth the stopover.  We only went through the Hall of Space museum and after three hours the gals were ready to head out.  Not me.  I could have spent about two more hours there, easy. 

And I spent quite a few minutes just looking at one item.  Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 capsule, which spent 38 years at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Some years back I enjoyed watching the Discovery Channel documentary on how the explorer team found it and brought it back up.  I wish they had it on DVD.

(Free free to click on the pic to enjoy the full size)

Oh, and seeing the actual command module from the Apollo 13 mission wasn't bad, either. 

We got home on Thursday and on Friday Geoana and I watched "The Right Stuff."  On Saturday we enjoyed "Apollo 13." 

I think she's much more up to speed on the history of the U.S. space program than her classmates. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Yes, pictures!

I'm back!

The delay in posting was not due to fatigue, the lateness of Daisy in getting the scores out (due to a computer crash on their part), or laziness on my part.

No, it turns out the hotel that hosted the event (connected to the convention center) does not offer free wi-fi.  Now I'm not being a total cheapskate, rather it's just the principle of the thing.  Most hotels where I stay just offer complimentary wireless access as a matter of course.  But not this one.  And no,  I will not name names.  (They know who they are.)  

On to the important matters!

Feel free to enjoy some of my pics.  By the way, our team finished seventh overall when all the numbers were tallied.  Seventh out of 53 teams shooting.  That ain't bad.