Thursday, January 01, 2015


Writing this as I’m watching the Rose Bowl.  

First, I will be public and say here that the selection committee got it right.  I can understand TCU’s frustration that given the rankings released before the last week of the regular season indicated all they had to do was to take care of business against Iowa State and they would be in.  That was before Ohio State whomped Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game.  Selection committee members were in one accord that they looked at the teams’ full “body of work,” not just where things stood in the last week.  Ohio State deserves the #4 seed.  

I was disappointed that the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl didn’t feature Texas versus Texas A&M.  Never mind that the matchup between the Longhorns and Arkansas Razorbacks was a sellout, nothing would have been as good as the ‘Horns and Aggies going at it on the football field once again.  In Houston, no less.  


It’s January 1st and we’ve (so far) survived the cold snap.  Right now the in-town driving is mainly on packed-down snow however the U.S. and state highways are clear (thanks, KDOT).  Both of our vehicles started up on these last few very cold mornings, something for which I am very thankful.  And since we had the house windows replaced a little less than a year ago the furnace doesn’t have to work quite so hard.  

And it is January 1st and the posole is simmering on the stove.  I have red chile pods boiling as well (they will wind up as the main ingredient of red chile sauce for the posole), nice to keep a tradition going.