Friday, November 27, 2009

More thoughts before more football

Last night's game (Texas versus Texas A&M) was quite the nail-biter. I (along with a lot of others) wasn't expecting anything close. All game I kept thinking: "Are these even the same Aggies who got humiliated earlier this season by the University of Arkansas?"

Of course, that's why everyone likes these rivalry games this time of year. And yes, I plan to catch Alabama against Auburn, Nebraska going up against Colorado, and the Backyard Brawl today and tonight even if it means doing a little channel-hopping.


Bathroom project update: Painting is done and the cork flooring was installed just today. It looks beauty-licious. The shower install is slated for tomorrow and the toilet and sink will likely go in during a couple of evenings next week.

So close to being done I can taste it!


No waiting-in-line-wake-up-way-early Black Friday shopping for Geogal this year. Probably a good thing, too. She had physical therapy in Nebraska today and her therapist related a Black Friday story. In summation: therapist's husband has wanted a particular TV for some time now. Went to the McCook Wal-Mart very early, thinking "how many people could possibly be there this early--after all this is rural southwest Nebraska." Turns out a whole lot of folks were there, so many that he had trouble finding a parking space and added there was scarcely any room for this crowd of folks to get through the doors.

Yep, I'll pass. I think I mentioned before I'm doing just about all my shopping online this year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Only 34 years later...

Back in '75 I was invited to a birthday party (I think it was one of the guys in my Cub Scout Den). Slated for a Saturday, the invitation gave the plans as miniature golf. But if it rained (always likely in soggy Houston, Texas) we would all go see "Escape To Witch Mountain." I was hoping to see the flick but despite an overcast day we all did the miniature golf deal. I had fun anyway and did quite well considering I had never before played this game. I even hit my ball into the "win a free game" target at the end (beginner's luck) and got to enjoy another round.

So anyway I never did see "ETWM" until last night. Rented it from Netflix, all three of us enjoyed it. My eight-year-old Geoana liked it and despite the dated special effects the story still holds up well. Yet in a Geoguy-will-always-think-this-way perspective, every time I saw Donald Pleasence my mind's voice would recall a line from "You Only Live Twice," usually: "This is the price of failure, Meeester Bond."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Houston football fans, life's not all bad!

Remember when this guy, and this guy, ruled the NFL roost in southeast Texas?

At least the Texans are respectable.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A break in the action

Tonight I'm stoked. Just had my project advisor (the guy who makes sure I don't royally screw up the bathroom renovation project) and his colleague spray the drywall with texture so the primer and painting will start in earnest soon. Possibly tomorrow soon.

Soon the Geohouse will have a fully functioning and very good-looking basement bathroom. And I will have gained home-improvement knowledge to boot.

But just because I'm occupied with the bathroom redo project doesn't mean my mind can't wander off to other subjects. (And can you find a better sentence with a double negative represented by contractions?)

How about the resurgence of the old Southwest Conference? While Texas remains a powerhouse thanks to Mack Brown one cannot help but notice a red-brick schoolhouse in Fort Worth continues to demolish its competition. And the University of Houston? Texas Tech, while not attracting the attention they did last year, still will wind up with a sweet bowl game invite. Even SMU (the best football team money could buy back in the '80's) is now bowl-eligible.

Other stuff? How about hunting? Last Saturday was historic for the Geofamily. The opening day of pheasant season in Kansas saw me loading up the shotgun, putting on camo and blaze orange, and hitting some fields with a friend. Oh and did I mention I took little Geoana with me? Gave her a chance to tote around her pink BB gun. Might as well make this a family affair.

Results? I got off a few shots, but didn't take down a rooster. Oh well, the season lasts until January 31. God willing I'll get to clean and cook a pheasant.

Lesee, anything else? I'll be doing all of my Christmas shopping online this year (learned my lesson from last December). I'm actually ahead of the game this time, have most of the gifts in mind and know where they can be found in cyberspace.

That's all for now. Just wanted to let all the readers know how things are turning here in the land of Dorothy.