Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yep, what you saw is correct!

Drove to Omaha (and back) on Saturday, January 4.  Horribly cold winter day.

But we pulled the trigger on a travel trailer.  Buying off-season does have its advantages.

Picked up the unit this past Saturday.  Looking forward to a lot of fun times in it once the weather warms up.  (Remember, my Texas, Arizona, and California kin, we have REAL winter here!)


Another football season is in the books.  Satisfaction of seeing the Patriots lose, then seeing the Broncos crap the bed in the Big One.

Actually I don't have any pure hatred for the team from Colorado but being able to avoid several months of nearby (and nearly) insufferable Orange Crush fans is a nice thought to entertain. 

At least my favorite team is not the Browns.  Yeesh, look up "Poorly Run NFL Operation" in the dictionary and you will see numerous references to the team from Cleveland.  Almost makes Jerry Jones look wise in comparison.  Not only did they can their head coach after only one year, they also took a whole lotta time to fill the position.  A long time in which several teams snagged the A-list coaching candidates.


Speaking of the Big Game, I didn't watch much of it.  (Spending my valuable time doing other tasks.  Besides I thought the Broncos would win handily, as many others had predicted.)

I did sit down and turn it on in the 4th quarter.  Caught this ad.

Hey, members of my family: Does that puppy remind you of Fred? (Or should I spell it Phredde?)

Sunday, February 09, 2014

What do you mean I can't go camping yet?

Yes, I bought a new rig in the dead of winter.  Sometimes off-season is the best time to buy.