Thursday, August 31, 2006

That didn't take long...

Found it!

Phillips and the others involved should count their blessings that the comments didn't contain profanity or anything partisan. The absence of any scatological sounds also kept this molehill from becoming the proverbial mountain.

Of course, now all of us guys know what the women are talking about when they do one of their group bathroom breaks.

Now that WAS a hiatus!

Busy at work, that's all I can say.

On the other hand, I did not have much to say during the past couple of months anyway. These past few days have been entertaining, however. I think I'll spend some of my free time this morning scouring the web to see if I can find audio, or even video, of the CNN anchor making a pit stop while her mike was still on the air.

The Arizona Cardinals are still proving interesting. But the season hopes are still one big question mark, as we haven't seen the true demonstration of The Edge's talent, or how cohesive the offensive line is. Matt Leinart, though, does look like he'll be worth all the millions in his contract.

Glad to be back.