Saturday, October 31, 2009

Real life intervenes

The dearth of entries during October for this blog? One reason: bathroom project.

For many weeks now I've been engaged in redoing the basement bathroom. I have even gone as far as to get out the camcorder and shoot a "before" video as well as a little "during." Since the bathroom is just a little more than six foot square and the camcorder lacks a wide-angle lens, don't expect any HGTV-type panning shots in the final edit.

I began demo in the waning days of August and am now at the stage where the last couple of pieces of new drywall (greenboard, no less) are ready to go on. Then comes the mudding, sanding, more mudding (i.e. covering over one's mistakes), more sanding, spraying texture (prep work for that will take way longer than the actual task), applying the primer (Kilz--moisture resistant!!), painting (Geogal will shoulder much of this task), and assembling the new shower stall.

Then wait for the local flooring outfit to install cork flooring, followed by the new toilet and pedestal sink.

After that? As I said to Geogal some time back: "It's my job to get the bathroom functional. It's your job to make it look pretty."

But all of this to say that given the magnitude of the job and the desire to make continual progress, some things have to suffer. Such as blogging, as well as exercise and creative cooking.

Yes, I'm keeping my eye on the prize and thinking about how great the new bathroom will be (the nicest room in the house, in fact). And being done with demo is nice (no more throwing stuff outside regardless of how therapeutic I think it is). Not to mention I'm learning a great deal about construction in the process. This stuff will no doubt serve me well when I engage in future home-improvement projects.

In the meantime I'll try not to ignore my corner of the Internet completely. Before long I'll be again posting about my hobbies and life and such.

Just for now, though, the Geofamily is learning to make do with only one functional bathroom.