Saturday, June 30, 2007

Having a laugh

Some of my readers may be wondering, will Geoguy be getting an iPhone? After all, anyone who reads this site knows of my affinity for Macs and other Apple products.

My answer, in short, is no.

Two reasons:

1) I can't afford it.
2) My current cell phone works just fine.

While on the subject of my current cell phone, I visited Chandler Fashion Center in the late afternoon yesterday to take a look at the line for the Apple Store. Just for kicks and giggles, you understand.

Longer than I expected. Way longer. All the way back to Pottery Barn.

Took out my cell phone (an LG model I've had since 2004) and snapped a photo of the end of the line. I meant to show the length of the people in queue, but my phone's camera is of minimal quality, as you can plainly see. Still, not a bad pic.

Hmmm, does the iPhone have a built-in camera? What's the quality? Me thinks I'll surf on over to Apple's web site for the specs.....

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hog Heaven

Just this morning I was at the gym, whiling away the time on the eliptical while my iPod pumped a recent Dave Ramsey podcast into my eardrums. One of the e-mail questions he fielded during that hour had to do with how he and his wife ate during the time they were serious about getting out of debt. I won't go into detail about Ramsey's answer, suffice to say he does not care for tunafish even to this day. He did stress the importance of eating at home as much as possible, making the point that in most restaurant settings, 80% of your dollar goes to entertainment while the other 20% goes to the actual food cost.

In most restaurant settings. Not all.

Tonight, we in the Geohouse decided to eat out. BBQ. A place called Waldo's, which opened a location closer to us (cut about 8 miles off the trip to the original location).

Even though I heard what Ramsey said, this eating establishment was one of the exceptions. I don't think I could ever make ribs that good, even if I had the best equipment. Money well spent.

And we paid cash! (See, we do heed Ramsey's advice.)

Little Geoana did well with the wait. Makes me remember a trip in my much younger days, to a fine restaurant called Hausner's. If I recall correctly, it was in Baltimore. Hmmm, let's see.

It was in Baltimore. But it exists no longer. (Look at the entry about a third of the way down the page.) I recall the wait for the table was a long one to my six or seven-year-old mind. Yet the burger and fries I ended up consuming was worth the wait. It had to be burger and fries. I ate little else at the time.

And what did Geoana eat at the BBQ joint? Burger and fries.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Somebody get this guy a map!

Yet another bizzare NCAA-to-pro-back-to-NCAA coaching game of musical chairs, except this time the ball is orange and perfectly round.

Yet I have to laugh when I read his quote: "My heart is in Florida."

Couldn't he have said the same thing if he ended up in Orlando? Which, last time I looked, was also in the Sunshine State.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Notes from the North

If one were to ask me to name my favorite spot in Arizona, I'd be hard pressed for a quick answer.

However I should say that Flagstaff would count as one of the top five, easily.

Geogal suggested we go there this weekend, so here I am, typing this blog entry from our room at the Little America Hotel. Drove up from Chandler this morning. Walked a two-mile trail out behind the hotel this afternoon. Then Geogal continued her immense wisdom by suggesting I go four-wheeling while she and Geoana make use of the hotel's swimming pool.

Didn't have to ask me twice!

Thought I would post only one of my pics from today's drive to whet your appetite. I'll soon post a narrative on my Apple-hosted blog.