Sunday, February 22, 2015


After seven or so weeks since last blogging I would love to give you a lengthy rehash of the first weeks of 2015.  

Except nothing significant happened.  

This is the first time in a little over three weeks that I’ve felt back-to-normal.  Late in January I had oral surgery (upper wisdom teeth needed removal) and about a week after the procedure I got a cold.  One of those typical wintery nasty ones.  Starts with the sore throat and then gets into the perpetual cough.  So long-lasting was the latter that today I have sore ribs from the hacking.  

Still, feels better than having the whole cold.  And now that my jaw is almost back to normal I should’t take eating whatever I want for granted.  

Nothing much to report from the travel category.  Wife and child ventured to Denver last month (part of a 4H function) but I stayed behind.  However I didn’t vegetate at home.  When Saturday morning arrived I threw the Air, some coffee, and an overnight bag into my truck and headed to Nebraska.  The purpose?  To look at and test-drive a truck, located way out in the town of York.  Turns out the vehicle didn’t impress me but the venture was not without loss.  I spent my lunch at Iron Skillet (great chicken-fried steak!!) then plugged the DTV stick into the Air and tuned away.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I wound up watching most of the stations licensed to Lincoln along with one unique to York.  (See this entry regarding the old KSNB.)  The newfangled KSNB has a tower just southeast of York and I had no difficulty pulling in the station even if it is on the lower VHF band (channel 4).  I ended up heading back home rather than continue to head eastward that day.  Still, good to get out of the normal routine of things.  

Mother Nature continues to be cruel.  A couple of Saturdays ago temps were high enough that we were outside in shirtsleeves cleaning out the old garden/flowerbed area out back.  But that was just a tease.  Last night some white stuff fell and this morning we were treated to a snowy vista.  Gray skies and cold blowing wind continue to be notorious for lowering one’s mood.  

More so the reason for the lack of entries lately is that I’m struggling.  Wondering what things I do share here in this very public forum and what to keep private.  The older I get the more reticent I become.  I want my entries here to be meaningful and something of which I can be proud.  As I think through these things I will continue to write entries.  

Plus later this year will mark 10 years of this blog.  I haven’t forgotten.