Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nothing but more random thoughts...

It's amazing how many people I encounter in the course of a day who don't know what a blog is, or have even heard the term. C'mon, it's 2005, people!!!

James Lileks had a good piece today about journalism school. Hit it on the head I think. Not that I'm bemoaning my own degree, but I am using my writing skills today in areas I never thought even existed in 1990.

And perhaps that is the lesson, learn what you can because you never know where you might need it.

OK, last random thought for this post. Recently Geogal and I were watching a boxing match on HBO. Why then, in between rounds, are we treated to very up-close shots of the boxers in their corners, blood and all, plus some spitting? Personally, I want to see the curvaceous girls who carry the sign informing all in attendance what the next round will be. The ratings may just improve a bit!