Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can't believe it will be December in a few hours

Where does the time go?  (The years certainly didn't fly by like this when I was a kid, when I would have enjoyed them going quickly!) 

Haven't taken out the Xmas decorations yet.  And I doubt we will get to that chore this weekend as little Geoana has another basketball doubleheader and then we are participating in a church small group outreach activity on Sat evening.  At least Sunday will be a day of rest (sort of). 

Looking forward to a low-key Christmas this year.  No traveling (haven't done any over the holidays since little Geoana was born) and there won't be a lot of gift exchanging this year for a variety of reasons.  Geogal, however, has intimated she will be hosting a "bake and drink" get-together for a few of her friends about mid-month, once school is over. 

Might get snow later this week.  Still not quite adjusted to the cold temps.  Haven't even gotten all of the leaves raked. 

And then I look around the exterior of the house.  Paint around the trim is flaking. 

Oh yippee. 

I know what lies in store for me come the warmer months.  Wire brush, drop cloths, masking tape, inhaling odor of not-yet-dry chemicals. 

I'd better enjoy this winter. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Last One (For A While) (Maybe) (But....)

As promised, I watched all four hours of the Texas/Texas A&M game on Thanksgiving evening.  (OK, so the game itself wasn't four hours but it began at 7 and didn't end until almost 11.) 

Saw Texas win on a last-second field goal.  Glimmers of earlier in the day where I saw the Cowboys win their contest on a last-second field goal.

Classy move, Show Band Of The Southwest, doing a "Thanks  T/A/M" formation during the halftime show.  Pity someone hasn't yet put that on YouTube. 

Last one?  I figure not.  I (and a whole lotta folks in the Lone Star State) hope cooler heads prevail and keep this contest on the schedule.  Still, it seems plausible they won't meet on the gridiron for a couple of years or so. 

Friday night I caught most of the Backyard Brawl (that's Pittsburgh versus West Virginia, for my kin who disbelieve football exists in the Eastern time zone).  Just as with the Longhorn/Aggie game, this one too will fall victim to conference realignment.   Another rivalry sacrificed to school greed. 

Yesterday I watched some of the Border War.  (Come on, folks, I explained this one in a previous posting.)  Some mention was made of that contest possibly being the final one but it doesn't seem to evoke the emotional outrage of the Texas schools matchup or the scrum between the Mountaineers and Panthers.  Likely because Kansas is much more a basketball school but it also might be that I just am not acquainted with that many Jayhawks. 

So what about the future college pigskin matchups for Thanksgivings to come?  I've heard talk that Texas versus Texas Tech is the touted replacement for the Aggie game. 

Say what you will but everyone knows it just won't be the same.

All the more reason for the decision-makers to do the right thing.

On the subject of rivalries, an aside before I close out this entry:  I caught the documentary "Roll Tide, War Eagle" on ESPN.  Yeesh, makes Texas versus Texas A&M look like child's play.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Now There's Time To Write

Even though I haven't made any new entries here since Nov. 2 that doesn't mean I've been idle.  Work keeps me occupied (as it should) and the child's extracurricular activities gobble up much of the weekend's free time.  Rest assured I have plenty of concepts bouncing around my noggin. 

Since the last time I wrote an entry all hell broke loose in State College, PA.  Many have written about the events and the ever-present larger meaning of them all.  I won't add my voice to what already exists and is accessible via the Web.

But I will interject this aside-- Bobby Bowden must be thinking to himself, "Maybe the way I went out wasn't so bad after all."

And I recall reading this entry in the Omaha World-Herald following the Nebraska/Penn State game on November 12: 

Jay Paterno, Joe's son and the Lions' quarterbacks coach, said he thought his father was handling his situation well Thursday night when he stopped by his home for dinner.
"I think we'll see," Jay Paterno said. "And I think he'll find another challenge."

Wishful thinking, son.  Don't be surprised if your dad takes a downhill slide faster than anyone expected.  Between the legal wranglings and Paterno's already-known health issues I don't see him hanging around much longer.

I also agree with some pundits who suggest Penn State should take a pass on going to a bowl this season.  As with everything, we will see how things progress.  


Speaking of things progressing, no doubt I will be watching the gridiron action from College Station tomorrow night (probably concurrent with digesting turkey and other fixings).  The last game.  Who woulda thunk it?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Now It's November

The Powers That Be finally enacted the office move. Today was my first full day in the new digs and I spent it seeing snow fall through my (large) window. Most folks might get dysphoric over such a sight but I simply relished the ability to see the changing weather. (I've spent the last 3 1/2 years in an interior compartment at the mercy of refrigerated air and fluorescent lighting.) My routine was disrupted and jumped the track several times today but I'm sure I'll adjust in due time. Nothing like change to keep one's brain cells chugging.

Will the Texas-Texas A&M Thanksgiving game really become history? Possible. I know my Lone Star State kin aren't thrilled with this prospect. I'd invite them to converse with a few new friends I've made since relocating to Rural America. Nebraska Cornhusker fans. These are guys who truly know that the "N" on Nebraska's football helmets stands for "Nowledge." They would be happy to commiserate over the loss of football tradition and rivalry. It started some years ago when the Big 8 became the Big 12. Suddenly the annual Nebraska/Oklahoma game was played far less often. Then there was this year, where Nebraska and Colorado both defected to other conferences. So long to the traditional Thanksgiving weekend matchup. There's also the spectre of Missouri defecting to the SEC, which would put an end to the Border War (KU versus Missou-rah at Arrowhead Stadium). The times, they are a-changin'.


That's all for now. I'm bone-tired and already looking ahead to the weekend (problem is, it won't be a lazy one).