Sunday, November 25, 2012

Twas the Sunday after Thanksgiving

And the house again smelled of roast turkey.

I wasn't cooking up another bird.  I was, however, making turkey stock from the bone remains of our feast of a few days ago.  Pressure cooker makes it easy.


I normally am not one who posts YouTube videos on his blog.  I think that smacks of laziness.  However this evening I tried making my case to Geoana that the theme from "Hawaii 5-0" is one of the best TV tunes of all time.  Took her to the iMac and brought up the YouTube of said opening.

And then I found this:

Which then led us to view this:

And finally, this:

I was laughing so hard by this time I was snorting.  Child wanted to know if I was OK.   Just fine, no asphyxiation here, just appreciation of 80's TV with some Star Trek mixed in. 

Friday, November 23, 2012


Speaking of the fowl normally consumed on Thanksgiving, I noticed Syfy started their James Bond marathon yesterday with a true turkey--Octopussy.

Should I say the Texas Longhorns also acted like gobblers out on the gridiron last night?  Nah, I'll take the high road.

Geogal returned to her dorm today (fewer distractions so she can get her research paper done).  She left orders with the child that I am to be closely monitored so as to decrease the inflammation around the part of my back where the doctor did his work.

I'll never take normal functioning for granted again.

But anyhow, today will be more of watching college students break each other's bodies (football) and reading.  And watching DVDs and/or Netflix streaming.

Pray that I get better soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm Still Around

Reason for my absence?  Medical.

I've already blogged here about my back issues but unfortunately the problem didn't respond to either the physical therapy or the spinal epidurals.  So on Nov. 12 I underwent surgery.  I've been home bound ever since given I don't see the doc again until next Wednesday.  And yes, I am a bit restless.

So anyhow, my pre-surgery pain and post-op restrictions mean sitting at the computer keyboard is out of the question.  Today I decided to invoke parental privilege and use Geoana's iPad.  I'm in the Laz-E-Boy recliner tap-tapping out this piece on the virtual keyboard.

Rather than compose a piece that is very lengthy I decided instead to just put out short entries that will update you, dear reader, on the latest goings-on around here.

But for today's entry, how can I not refer to tonight's college game?  Texas versus......TCU?

Yeah, kind of the sentiments of my family.  Regardless what the sports writers and announcers on ESPN postulate, Texas versus Texas Tech is NOT a new rivalry game.

Shoot, I don't even know who Texas A&M is playing this weekend.

Other parts of the country are suffering the same issues due to conference changes.  Colorado versus Utah (instead of Nebraska); the aforementioned Huskers playing Iowa instead of CU; no West Virginia against Pitt.  Lots of folks will just have to "deal with it.".

But members of my clan will be at Austin for tonight's game.

Have fun.