Sunday, July 16, 2017

Not your typical Saturday

What's a Saturday usually like at the Geohouse?

Grocery shopping.  Mow lawn (in season).  Maybe some house cleaning (if we feel like it).  At least once a month, sometimes twice we will go to McCook, Kearney or Hays for harder-core retail (Wally World and a higher-quality grocery store).  In the fall I'm inclined to watch college gridiron contests.  Then in the evening it's usually Me-TV (Wonder Woman followed by Star Trek--TOS, too bad they don't air Batman at 6:00 anymore).  

But yesterday?  Totally different story.  

First, some context.  One of the reasons this blog is quiet is due to our decision, as a family, to relocate to the Manhattan KS area.  We decided this back in May but kept it largely quiet until this week.  Now it's public knowledge.  The reasons behind this are many and that should be the focus of a separate blog entry.  So, since a large part of this process is getting the house on the market do you want to take a guess how we spent much of yesterday?

Of course.  While I took care of the front flowerbeds (rainfall=weeds) Geogal attended to the room in the basement we label "the study."  Then I switched to the backyard and labored to make it as presentable as can be.  

Meanwhile we had a third person engaged in labor.  No, not Geoana (she was helping Geogal) but one of my coworkers, name of Daniel.  Even before the Geofamily decided to make the move we were in the process of remodeling the main floor bathroom.  Among this process was ordering new Onyx tub surround panels.  They came in a few weeks back but I needed a professional to help me install them.  The plumber agreed to get with one of our local contractors however it was wait, wait, wait.  

At work one day I offhandedly asked Daniel if he could handle the Onyx install.  "No problem!"  Turns out Daniel is worth his weight in gold.  He can do nearly anything involving construction and he's like the Energizer bunny, just keeps going and going.  He describes himself as a workaholic and has nearly everything needed for a job (jokes he keeps his shop in his car).  

So, the Onyx install became him helping with the rest of the remodel.  Out went the ugly and dated bath board, the ancient sink and faucet and the who-knows-how old carpet (courtesy of the previous owner--who even puts carpet in a bathroom?)  In came not only the Onyx but also texture on the new drywall, updated wainscoting to replace the bath board, new countertop/sink combo and faucet and nice-looking hardwood floor with new crown molding.  I took "before" pictures, I will post them here together with the "after" pics once the job is done.  And all this for a very reasonable price.  

Between my outdoor tasks and assisting Daniel when necessary I was one tired person by early evening.  And Daniel wasn't even done yet, he started on the flooring when most anyone else would call it a day.  

To top it all off, I then met a couple of guys during the evening and sold one of them my old Suburban.  Not only were we not planning to take that thing with us to our new locale but about three weeks back it became really temperamental.  By that I mean it was sputtering then stalling.  Given its age and my inclination to let it go my plan was to take it to the local metal recycler and have them crush it into a cube.  I'll make a long story short and just say I made contact with a guy in town who was looking to replace the engine in his '88 Chevy pickup.  However my '99 Suburban, while being the same Chevy 350 engine that was ubiquitous in so many bowtie vehicles, wasn't compatible with this guy's truck due to more electronic/computer additions in the interim.  But, turns out he's also looking for a beater truck to take deer hunting.  My Suburban fit the bill.  

So that's another thing to cross off my to-do list.  

Did I sleep well last night?  

To quote Chevrolet's old slogan:  Like a rock.  

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