Monday, May 01, 2017

Seriously? On the last day of April?

The title refers to our "blizzard" of yesterday.  And no, I'm not talking about the frozen Dairy Queen treat.

Into the middle of last week our forecast indicated a fair amount of rain for Saturday and Sunday.  Then Sunday's prediction slowly became more snow-dominant.

Then even more.

By Saturday morning the prognosticators indicated up to a foot of the white stuff for Sunday.

I did wake up that day to a dusting, with more falling.  Still, I wondered just what we would receive.

End result?  Some inches but nothing to really cripple our town.

We were fortunate.  Just 35 miles west of here, in Oberlin, they had downed power lines and even more accumulation.

Had to admit I enjoyed the show yesterday.  Nothing quite like watching snow fall and seeing it turn into immediate slush due to the ground already warmer than it is in say, January or February.  Not to mention the trees and shrubs displaying plenty of green.  And more daylight then we see in the winter months.

And the fun of knowing I don't have to shovel, slog through, or otherwise deal with this slop for long as the temps for today were slated to reach into the 50's.  They did.

However our streets and gutters turned into babbling brooks.  Made trying to walk up to my workplace a bit interesting.  Good thing I had the foresight to wear my hiking boots with wool socks.

This coming weekend promises sunny skies and highs into the 70's.  I've already made my campground reservations.  ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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