Saturday, October 29, 2016

Birthday Month Isn't Over...Yet

I was born in October.  I won't bother with the details of my age, besides my family already know anyway.  

Earlier this month my birthday came, and went.  I got cards and well-wishes from a few folks (thanks, mom and dad) but from my own household, nothing.  

Loving wife and child totally forgot about it.  Even after the fact I didn't get a cake or any gifts.  

But no matter.  I'm at the age where the b-days don't mean much anymore.  Besides if I had designs on anything particular I open to just purchasing it rather than drop hints or write it on a list.  

So, October is drawing to a close when I find myself in a bright light and realizing I figured out my perfect (for the present) birthday gift.  

I knew my tried-and-true Char-Broil propane grill had reached the end of its useful life and I disassembled it not long ago, getting it ready for the semi-annual household junk pickup our city conducts.  Since then I've been using only charcoal for any outdoor cookery.  

I realized just a few days ago that I was overlooking a great solution.  Weber makes a grill that runs off of the small disposable bottles, the same ones I use for my Coleman camp stove.  

I did some research and after learning these grills got excellent reviews I decided today to head over the P-burg and check out the selection at Ace Hardware.  

I wasn't disappointed.  They had the model I was looking for and to top it off, it was marked down about $25.  

It's the Weber Q1200.  I brought it home, did the small amount of assembly required (the easiest I've ever done with a grill) and soon had the thing heated up nicely.  I threw on some cheap steaks (Geogal wanted them cooked up so she can dice them and add the meat to her salads during the week--beats eating processed food) and within seconds of closing the lid I smelled the aroma only generated by the cooking of steak.  I even had Geogal come outside just to sniff for herself.  

In short, the grill did an awesome job.  A short while later I grilled three smoked pork chops for the evening meal.  Yummers.  

When in use it will occupy a space just outside the back door.  Otherwise it will be stored away from the elements.  

And if you're thinking, hey Geoguy did you realize this grill and cart both fold down and can fit in your camper's pass-through storage?  Will you use it for RVing?  You're darn tootin'.  

A nice way to enjoy a belated birthday gift to myself...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting My Wish

I got my wish!  (Doesn't happen often..)

How about that for a World Series?  Two teams with a whole lot of history and not much postseason success for a whole lotta years.  Lots and lots.    

Saturday night, in the midst of watching college pigskin I occasionally switched over to FS1 to see if the Cubs would finally break the curse.  Then, when the bottom of the 8th turned into the top of the 9th I grabbed my tried-and-true-and-getting-real-old-but-still-works-usually Radio Shack super sensitive AM/FW/SW radio and tuned it to WSCR, the Cubs' flagship station.  (At night, particularly this time of year, I get all four of Chicago's blowtorch stations very clear here in western Kansas.)  I knew, barring a collapse in the 9th, this would be historic and I preferred to hear the Chicago-based announcers rather than Joe Buck and company.  So...sitting in my recliner with the radio tuned correctly and the TV muted I quickly realized I got the audio of what was happening at Wrigley Field a good 30 seconds before I saw the corresponding video on TV.  Hearing the radio call of that double play made me glad I took the time to enjoy Ancient Modulation.  

Way to go Cubbies!!  

Now, how about a brain-teaser?  (Or memory check.)  

Can you name all of the MLB teams that existed in 1945?  

Well, I'll start with the National League:

1)  Chicago Cubs
2)  New York Giants
3)  Brooklyn Dodgers
4)  Philadelphia Phillies
5)  Pittsburgh Pirates
6)  Cincinnati Reds
7)  St. Louis Cardinals
8)  Boston Braves  (I'm guessing they had not yet moved to Milwaukee)

Now let's try the American League:

1)  New York Yankees
2)  Boston Red Sox
3)  Chicago White Sox
4)  Cleveland Indians
5)  Detroit Tigers
6)  Washington Senators
7)  Philadelphia Athletics  (as with the Braves I figure this team had not yet moved to Kansas City)
8)  ????

I struggled a little with numbers 6 and 7.  As you can see I'm stumped on the last one.  Took a visit to the encyclopedia as I knew the leagues wouldn't have a dissimilar number of teams.  

The St. Louis Browns.  

No wonder I hit the brick wall.  Not a team I recall from any baseball-related texts I read back in the day.  

They still exist, by the way.  New city, new name.  

The Baltimore Orioles!

Fun, huh? 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Late In October

It's a Saturday evening and I'm enjoying the fall offerings of college football.  Plus an added dose of MLB.

When it comes to the boys of summer I'm generally checked-out by this point, as the playoffs typically don't include my teams.   For my readers unfamiliar, they are the Astros, Diamondbacks and Angels.

Go Cubs!  While I'm not typically a superstitious guy a few days ago I got the cups we brought back from Wrigley Field last year and set them on the baker's rack on the perimeter of our kitchen.

Hey, whatever works.  

I'm sure I share the sentiments of many when I voice my desire for a Cubs-Indians World Series.  


Sorry, members of my extended family.  I rooted for Kansas State in today's matchup against the Texas Longhorns.  Face the facts, my Geoana very likely will be attending school there.  


Speaking of the Little Apple, we were there last weekend catching up with our longtime friends.  As a bonus our ventures to Varsity Donuts, Radina's coffee and the Dancing Ganesha pleased my palate and triggered my endorphins.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend.  

So far this weekend hasn't been unpleasant either....