Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Back Home Again

Following up from the last post...

Sure enough, within a day or two the smoke residue cleared and once again all of us were treated to blue skies.  Maybe if I just whine enough on this blog?  


The Labor Day weekend saw me able to leave town, not having to mind the store.  Geogal suggested a jaunt to Denver.  

Like I need to be asked twice.  

We didn't take the camper this time.  Since hours were of the essence we elected for TownPlace Suites, which comes with a full kitchen.  Works well when we don't want to do the restaurant thing every meal.  

And this venture to the Mile High City was slightly different in focus.  

No Bass Pro Shops.  No Gander Mountain.  No Apple Store.  

Rather, just mountain air and enjoying what nature has to offer.  

Oh, and one more thing.  

Fresh roasted green chile.  

Found a very reputable local business specializing in the stuff.  Bought a bushel of Big Jim and took the roasted pods back to the hotel room's refrigerator.  Kept the chiles in the truck's cab on the journey over.  Today I get a whiff of roasted green chile which is a scent I cherish more than fine perfume on Geogal or new car smell in my vehicle.  Or creosote after a desert rain.  

And, Geomom and Dad, the styrofoam container in which our Omaha Steaks arrived was the perfect size for transporting the cooled peppers back to Kansas.  I knew I hung onto that cooler for a reason!  

Now we are set for the coming year.  Visions of green chile stew, green chile salsa, and Deming Hash.  That's a recipe I learned from a coworker from many years back.  

Brown ground beef, drain the grease.  Add cooked potatoes, diced green chile, onion, garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper.  I add a little vegetable or canola oil to keep things moist.  Simmer everything until it's ready (you'll know when it's time).  Eat with a rolled-up flour tortilla.  

Getaway trip?  Successful.