Monday, October 08, 2012

First Frost

Got the first frost of the season a couple of nights ago. 

But one night before that, Geoana and I went to the homecoming game.  The usual: I want to see football that's fun to watch and moves quickly with no TV time-outs and she wants to hang with her friends. 

But this past Friday night followed the arrival of a cold front and I sat in the stands for three hours in temperatures that were not unusual for the inside of a refrigerator.  Even Geoana came to me just before the end of the game and complained she was cold as a popsicle. 

Did I mention it also was my birthday?  Hurridly opened my gift before we headed out to the game.  An Apple TV.  In just a few minutes I had it connected and running a beautiful picture to my bedroom television. 

And while I am becoming Frostilicus at the stadium Geogal texts me:  "Watching Netflix on Apple TV very very cool." 

My body is in permanent shiver and wifey is at home enjoying my birthday present.  Just seems like there's something wrong with all of that. 

By the way the home team won.  In overtime. 

Next time I need to bundle up even better and not try to be macho man.