Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bookending May

It's the end of the month.  I intended to write a longer entry this evening but got sidetracked due to wife and child tearing out the old carpeting from the basement family room.  I avoided the harder work (mainly due to being at the office earning a living to provide for my family) but still helped out with some rearrangement and sorting out of the electronic pieces including, but not limited to, the home theater system. 

So in between that and the other responsibilities of the evening I now find myself at the keyboard with the clock closing in on 10 p.m.  And the sandman is fast approaching. 

I will write more tomorrow, I swear! 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Begin another week...

It's nice to be home this weekend.  You see, over two of the past three weekends we've been east either in or near Alma, Kansas for BB Gun tournaments (first for 4H, then for American Legion).  I definitely don't have anything against that town or the region but being there that frequently is a bit taxing on those of us who come from western Kansas.  Drive time, combined with the costs of lodging and meals takes a toll on all.  At least this weekend I don't feel like I've been cheated out of the normal two-day respite from Real Life. 


I'm doing something different today.  I bought a charcoal smoker while in Topeka (on one of our BB Gun jaunts) and am doing my very-first-ever meat smoking.  I've got a (nearly) five pound chicken fryer resting over a pan of water and hot charcoal/wood and will likely have it there for the next five to six hours.  I just hope the rest of the family realizes I am in new territory here and not to expect the bird will taste like it came from Famous Dave's.  As with all of my cooking the best results will come with practice and a whole lotta experience. 

At least I have the assurance that if the chicken doesn't turn out as planned we're not out much money (versus if I tried to smoke some ribs or a brisket which are considerably more expensive). 


In an entry from a few days ago I made reference to Tribbles.  In case you were curious Geoana and I are nearly through the second season DVD set of Star Trek (TOS), we have either 4 or 5 more episodes to view to round out the Really Good Season with Really Good Stories. 

Then we will muddle through (gaaghk)....Season 3. 

Maybe I shouldn't be so critical, there are a few gems in that segment of the series.  "The Thaolian Web," "The Day Of The Dove," "Wink Of An Eye," and "Turnabout Intruder" all can stand with the best offerings from seasons 1 and 2. 

Plus I swear there are a couple of episodes in that third season that I have never seen.  


Rest in peace, Goober

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Is this covering all the bases?

Just checking Weather Underground this evening seeing if any rain is in the forecast. 

I usually don't pay attention to the ads, I consider them just one necessary (and easily ignored) annoyance as part of the 'Net experience. 

Yet tonight they caught my attention.  I won't even bother to describe them, it's easier to just post a pic: 

Lesee, it doesn't matter if I'm an uber-zealot nut job convinced The End Is Near, a far lefty who covets a meal with the current White House occupant, or a guy who just likes to check out pictures of gals wearing revealing swimwear and is too cheap to buy the SI swimsuit issue.  Really spreading the net wide, aren't you, ad folks?