Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And In The Meantime

Don't have a significant amount to share this time around. Almost like the whole Geofamily is in a period of marking time. Not much action, no major news, no differing developments. Never mind that little Geoana is wrapping up fourth grade, the summer trip is entering final development stage, and a couple of house projects are on the launching pad.

No, just business as usual right now.

Geogal and I had the opportunity to make a sojourn to Kearney last week (both of us took a day off from work) and savored the slow pace of two adults who weren't in a hurry for anything (once the medical appointment was out of the way). Had a great BBQ lunch at Skeeter Barnes and I finally got to redeem my Cabela's gift card (Xmas present from Mom and Dad). Did I get anything exciting? Yes, a pair of New Balance walkers to replace the light duty hiking boots I've had for 15 years (and that were literally coming apart). Geodad, I encourage you to go to the Buda store and get yourself a pair!

Geogal also got to use her Hobby Lobby gift card as well, purchasing stuff about which I have no interest.

Overall a good trip.

Old Man Winter is giving us the last he's got for the season, which means cool but not cold. Not having to scrape ice in the mornings is a nice harbinger of the coming summer. But as one of our friends said tonight: "Betcha before you know it we will be begging for it to cool down!"

Indeed, but for now I'll welcome the coming of warmth even if it means yard work.

I'll close with the saying on the slides they used for the old commercial bumps on the Tonight Show: "More To Come."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend update

First, my grill might not cook again. At least not without me replacing some of the innards.

After uprighting the thing on Friday I hit it with a good cleaning on Saturday afternoon. Scraped out about two years worth of grease and gunk. Then the moment of truth: would I get the blue flame of propane?

No. Started out with yellow hues, not quite hot enough for the true griller. In a few minutes they burned out leaving me with no fire and the rotten cabbage smell of unused LP.


I do know this was caused by the wind shear, as I've used the grill a few times since the weather turned more temperate.

What about the lamb chops for Geoana's birthday meal?

Since I tend to work with a backup plan in mind I procured charcoal for the (smaller) kettle grill and the end result was nicely grilled bits o baby sheep with a flavor that only comes from coals.

And, since Char-Broil is a manufacturer of some reputation I went onto their web site and sure enough it appears my parts are still available. They're just not cheap. To replace the burners will run me $25 apiece (three of them). The valve/hose/regulator assembly will set me back more than 50 bucks.

Still cheaper then a brand new grill.

Did I mention I used the aforementioned kettle for smoking spareribs yesterday? I used some charcoal combined with hickory, cedar, and apple wood. The result was a nice aroma together with white smoke.

What about the end result? Turns out I had them on just a little too long. While portions were still edible (and tasty) some parts were just too overcooked.

I could have felt sorry for myself, but I'd rather view this as a learning experience. It was my first attempt at smoking meat the true way (low and slow), in the future I just need to check on the doneness rather than have a set time in mind.

Friday, April 15, 2011

How windy was it??

Here in NW Kansas folks are used to "air in a hurry."

Today, however, I came home to find this:

That's my propane beauty Char-Broil grill, no lightweight here.

Took two people to get it back upright.

Any long-lasting damage? I'm not sure yet but will definitely find out tomorrow when I grill up some lamb chops for little Geoana's birthday meal.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And I didn't help...

Read this news today about the demise of the Flip camcorder.

Last Christmas season I was wondering if Geogal (Or Santa, or Geogal playing Santa) would give me a Flip. Given it is so compact and could shoot hi-def video I wouldn't have been surprised.

But no, a bipod for my hunting pursuits was the highlight of my Christmas morning.

And yes, I have to admit shooting video with the iPhone is way too easy. Great quality too. I will post a couple of live-action captures on my Apple account so family can see what we do for fun on weekend afternoons (hint: guns going off).

So long, Flip! Say hello to the non-smartphoners for me!