Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching up to me?

I woke up last Friday morning with a sore throat.

I knew what my next few days would be like. I got a hold of some Zicam and now have a back-to-normal gullet but my head is another story. Sniffling, sneezing, congested, spacey, loopy cranium it is.

So what better time to write than now?

Geogal thought it was the lack of rest and a busy many days that led up to this current condition. Could be, although I prefer to believe I just caught a bacteria or bug of some sort. No matter, I did rest more this past weekend then the one previous. Also, now that the BB Gun tourney is history and the in-laws visit is past I have eased up on my evening workload.

March is almost over and I (plus everyone else) is waiting for Old Man Winter to make a final exit for the season. Just about there, at least this week's unpleasant weather consisted of rain and not snow. Some sleet, some freezing fog, but no white stuff.


Another reason to be done with winter: Spring turkey season. A few Sundays ago little Geoana and I went to a turkey hunting seminar put on by Kansas Department of Parks and Wildlife. It was time well spent and we came away with a couple of in-mouth turkey calls and new knowledge about hunting down those gobblers.

I don't have a lot of hope of bringing home game this time around. I remember hearing a snippet from one of the hunting programs featured on Outdoor Channel that when it's man against turkey...... turkey usually wins.

Still, I can be persistent. Plus I have a lead which might result in me hunting on private land this time around. We'll see.

Did I mention little Geoana's birthday is coming up? She wants a youth shotgun, decked out in pink camo.

The next few hunting seasons are going to be (even more) fun.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winding down

We’re back home this evening. Been gone since Friday a.m., little Geoana was competing in her first BB Gun tournament. This one was statewide and took place in another Kansas town several hours away.

She did quite well given this was her first go-round in competition. Yes, “a good time was had by all,” and needless to say everyone in the Geohouse is exhausted from yesterday’s shooting marathon. (The day began at 6 a.m. and closing ceremonies wrapped up just before 7 in the evening--that’s not including the pizza and pool party back at the hotel.)

Not only was my child a first-time shooter but I was a new coach, helping to guide the neophyte shooters on the line. The amusing (and high point) of my day came when several of the team scorers and parents motioned me over toward the scoring table. “I’m in for it now,” I thought to myself. Either I had committed some type of technical error that would disqualify one of my young charges or I was about to be the recipient of a chewing out from a parent who believed my inexperience resulted in his or her child getting a lower score.

Turned out it was neither. My progeny shot extremely well on one of the rounds and the other folks wondered what she usually scored in the weekly practice sessions.


Geogal is not someone who “wows” easily. She’s been there, done that, heard it before, seen it already, and often knows someone who has surpassed whatever I’m describing at the time.

So when I downloaded the NCAA Tournament app for my iPhone imagine my surprise when I showed her what it could do, up to and including live streaming of the games (in HD no less).

She was impressed. So much so, she spent a good deal of this weekend using it to check the games. Hey, she’s even enamored with the concept of accessing the Net while we’re going 75 on the Interstate (good old 3G).


One positive about the month of March is that winter is officially over (I believe today, but if not, then definitely in the next couple of days). ‘Twas nice to ditch the jackets during the return trip today (temps in the 60’s and 70’s).

I’ve alluded to this before and yes, I know the cold hasn’t made its final exit for the season just yet. Still, gotta enjoy this while I can.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Finally, winter appears to be on its way out.

I used to say fall was my favorite season but given the snow/ice/slush/dry/more snow/more slush/horrid wind chill that was the past several weeks I think spring is heading to usurper status.

Not only is the weather getting more tolerable but yesterday I was cutting dead clippings away from the remainder of last year's garden when I saw an earthworm and later, a ladybug.

Not to say Old Man Winter is completely gone but at least his days are numbered (until November or December).

It won't be long now before I raise the roof on the camper and get her ready for more trips. (Colorado is calling.)


Watched the NCAA tournament selection show this evening but this year I just can't get excited about college hoops. NMSU didn't win the WAC tournament and therefore are turning in the uniforms and cleaning out the lockers.



Not much happening on the home front. Geogal and I both work, little Geoana goes to school (except for this week--spring break). Little Geoana's BB gun shooting is improving, the state tourney is coming up! After that, soccer. After that, softball. After that, the town shuts down for about six weeks!


Don't let the tone of this entry fool you. I've got plenty going on, stuff related to my interests and hobbies. I'll fill you in as the days and weeks pass. But for now, bring on the warmer temps!!!