Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Slow time

Seems it's that way for everybody in general. Not that there's any real problem or lack thereof. Even those who work in the media can tell you that not every day is loaded with significant events. And for the sports fan, well, this is the down time between the end of the NFL season, MLB just starting spring training, and March Madness still a couple of weeks (at least) away.

Speaking of the NCAA tournament, my beloved Aggies lost last Saturday. So, there goes any hope of an at-large berth. And the chance of them getting the automatic bid by winning the WAC tournament is rather small. Unless Nevada gets too overconfident and is eliminated in one of the early games. Hey, they are playing the tourney in Las Cruces. So...who knows?

Friday, February 23, 2007

I wonder if the Florida Bar is taking notice?

I thought his behavior was a little odd when I saw the news clips.

Yeesh, what some people won't do when the cameras are on. Is conducting oneself like a professional a lost art?


Not much else to write about this week. My short-term assignment takes a lot out of me (suffice to say, it's not Whopper-flopping). Thus, my thinking-turning-to-writing tank is running somewhat low right now. Perhaps an extended drive outside of my area code will help.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Where do I start?

Chargers coach? Reaction to my Mac blog site? A rant about the decrease of quality in regard to my favorite animated programs?

Nope. Have to start with this.

My take: If it actually happens, it's win-win. The consumer gets more bandwidth, more choices, and can take advantage of XM's superior network of terrestrial repeaters. Combine the talent both of these services offer and create a channel for virtually every genre of music, and the service might just sell itself. Not to mention the appeal of the subscriber being able to listen to MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL games, plus Nascar and the like.

The only losers in this deal might be Opie and Anthony. Get Howard and there's no need to have any of his wannabees in the lineup.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I might have been quiet over the last few days...

...but I wasn't sleeping. Look here. Then click on "First Dirt Trip." It's better than it sounds.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maybe this Phillips will have more success in the Lone Star State

I'm not as pessimistic as Gene Wojciechowski, writing for ESPN.com. Perhaps this is because I spent some of my drive-around-and-get-things-done time this afternoon listening to the guys on Sirius NFL Radio breaking down Mr. Jones' choice. Yes, time to fall back on the old adage of "time will tell."

Hopefully I'll never become like Hank Hill and talk to my Tom Landry commemorative plate when things get bad. (Truth be told, I don't even own any Cowboys merchandise beyond a T-shirt.)


My postings are down a bit over the last week or so, due to me working a short-term assignment in the real world, subsequently taking me out of the house during the day and away from my beloved Macbook. Although the past few days showed me a higher stress level than I prefer, I am trying to remember what my dad told me just after I started working my first "real" job as a teenager: "It's all worth it when the paycheck comes in."
Maybe that still holds true.

Or I can just hang in there and remember how the difficult times build character. And remember that next month Geogal and I will get away to fabulous Las Vegas for a few days.

We all need to look ahead to something. And maybe this Saturday I will finally get the opportunity to take my truck (I guess I need to name it) on one of the numerous dirt roads in the vicinity. My plans for last weekend had to be scuttled at the last minute. If I do go, I'll take the camera and share the view with all of you.

Monday, February 05, 2007

You know....

You know your life is becoming trite when you have blogging dreams while asleep.

You know you are under a lot of stress when you ruminate about not having new blog entries for almost a week.

You know you need to switch your blog hosting site when it takes forever to log on, even with a broadband connection. Even if you just want to dash off a few lines of text.

And...congratulations to the Colts, Dungy, Manning, and the rest. Sometimes nice guys can and do finish first.