Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maybe the bad part of winter hasn't hit yet....

A few entries ago I made note that after the holiday season winter seems to take on a different, and more malevolent, tone. 

Fortunately in my own cranium that hasn't occurred yet. 

Not that Old Man Winter suffers for lack of effort.  While those of us in northwest Kansas didn't suffer quite the cold level other parts of the nation endured (hear that, Minneapolis?) it was still plenty chilly.  Last Saturday morning (not referring to yesterday but rather January 4) us three got up early and went on a road trip to Omaha.  According to the Suburban's thermometer it was 37 when we left town around 5:30 a.m.  Soon the wind kicked up and by the time we were in eastern Nebraska it was down to 17.  Factor in the wind chill and it was well below zero.  Not to mention the sky was very gray. 

However the outcome of the journey was positive (more about that in future entries).  We also did a turnaround and headed back home the same day.  593 miles (round trip) after we began the sojourn we again pulled up to our domicile.  And slept in the following day. 

Compared to last weekend yesterday and today seem downright tropical.  This morning I was rewarded with a sunrise and shades of yellow and orange Crayola will never be able to duplicate. 


Did I mention I don't mind the holiday season being over? 

Before you start calling me "Scrooge," "The Grinch," and other epithets please know I don't have any deep resentment toward Christmas itself.  On the contrary I enjoy giving and teaching my child the importance of giving to others, especially when you can do it anonymously. 

Yet I seem to be cursed with family members that are VERY hard to buy for.  Here are the real-life examples:

Circa 1978--I ask my mom what she wants for Christmas.  Long pause.  "Well, hmmm."  Longer pause.  "I guess I don't really know.  Maybe a pair of slippers, or perhaps a bathrobe."  Geoguy (to himself), .

Now fast forward to the present.  I ask Geogal what she wants for Christmas.  Long pause.  "Well, hmmm."  Longer pause.  "I don't really know.  I guess a bathrobe."  She did eventually give me a few other gift ideas. 

Geoguy (to himself), .

Then the neighbors hear the sound of Geoguy hitting his head against a brick wall.  

Why is it that I'm cursed with loved ones who don't seem to have hobbies or interests?  Is it some kind of evil payback for me having about 30,000 hobbies and interests? 

That is my big gripe about Christmas.  Well, that and a few other things.  That list will wait until December of 2014.  No need to be a curmudgeon now.  

It does appear this just-ended Christmas that GeoSister (the younger) got very wise and gave Mom and Dad an iPad Air.  Bear in mind they don't have iPhone and own no other Apple products (to my knowledge).  However in talking to Geomom yesterday they seem to be enjoying the device just fine.  Who knows, maybe they will even find some apps they enjoy. 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Doing the same thing

Last January First I made note that I was hedging my bets regarding traditional New Year's Day dishes.  A combination of Deep South (black-eyed peas) and New Mexico (posole). 

Given 2013 was a reasonably good one for me (and a heckuva lot better than 2012) I chose to again please my palate with the aforementioned dishes. 

The only change is I ate the black-eyed peas in the form of 10-bean soup rather than making them their own dedicated dish. 

Here's wishing all of you a happy 2013!