Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Return the spectrum to the public?????

An esoteric topic, but one which nonetheless interests me, is the switchover to HDTV. I recall hearing some years ago that 2006 was the deadline for the switch from analog. Not long ago I was perusing some message boards in which some speculated that the date would be moved ahead, most likely to 2009, but some saying it would even be as late as 2015.

Now I read this, which gives credence to the 2009 theory. Yet there is a quote from Kyle McSlarrow, who opposes keeping both analog and digital signals on the air, stating his concern about keeping the airwaves available for public safety organizations.

Pardon my ignorance, but is there really a pressing need for public safety organizations to have more availability of the radio-TV airwaves? Do not the peace officers in this country have some of the best technology in the world with which to work?

"Public safety organizations" is, in my belief, a red herring. It's all about money.

Speaking of which, I was in Sam's Club last Saturday and saw this, playing "The Incredibles."

Bring on the switcheroo! Just another excuse for me.....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Brits, The Blogs, and My Brain

While the tragedy in London is still being investigated, analyzed, and digested, I have taken a closer look at some of the blogs I frequent. Of particular interest to me was RadioEqualizer, who had this post on how many local and national talk hosts are off presently (must not be a ratings book period). While he makes several good points, I must disgree with his assertion that: "Hosts who care about their audiences should cut trips short or do remote broadcasts today."

As a former radio man myself, everyone behind the microphone deserves a certain amount of time off. Granted, many of the fill-in hosts are less than desireable, but we still live in the real world, where professionals need down time in order to recharge one's creative battery. If I'm in Hawaii on a 2-week vacation, I'm away. Radio is what I did, but it was not who I was. Maybe that's one reason I am no longer in the business.

I don't miss it.

I would put the British Union Jack here, but I don't know how to paste an image into my blog. Yet.

(The change in font size is due to Blogger's somewhat poor software, which will not let me convert this text from small size to normal size, as you see above. The disadvantage of using a free blog site....)

Monday, July 04, 2005

A New (mid)Years Resolution

Since July 1 has come and gone, that marks the halfway point of 2005. I figure I can use the occasion to commit to blogging a minimum of three times weekly. I might as well make it realistic, as an everyday commitment would simply be too much for me. After all, I do work a full-time job, have numerous responsibilities as a husband and father, and have other interests away from the computer keyboard.

And, since I have returned from my summer vacation to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, I now no longer have any type of excuse.

My current random thoughts? I have NO sympathy for Oprah regarding the whole Paris-store incident. I think it is amusing that this took place in France, long rumoured to be much more progressive than us "ugly filthy Americans."

So Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields are engaged in a battle of words over psychotherapy and psychiatric medication versus Scientology. Brooke, you go, girl!!